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 MLP FiM Season 4 Episode Summaries

Twilight's Kingdom (2)
Episode 26 With Lord Tirek powering up, it's becoming more and more difficult to stop him so Twilight decides to face him head-on. Does she have what takes to take him down?
Twilight's Kingdom (1)
Episode 25 A new threat emerges that steals magic from other ponies to make themselves more powerful. Can they be stopped before they  destroy Ponyville for good?
Equestria Games
Episode 24 The Equestrian Games are coming up soon and Spike is tasked with lighting the torch but finds singing the national anthem is much more difficult than he bargained for.
Inspiration Manifestation
Episode 23 After a horrible encounter with a critic regarding her puppet show, Rarity turns to a book with dark powers in hopes of getting ideas.
Trade Ya!
Episode 22 The Mane Six visit the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange but have a hard time getting trades done as the trades prove to be less-than-ideal.
Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
Episode 21 Twilight must help Rainbow Dash prepare for her exam but Rainbow Dash isn't in any mood to listen to any method Twilight  tries to use to get her to pay attention.
Leap of Faith
Episode 20 When Applejack finds out that the Flim Flam Brothers are selling a new bogus product, it's up to her to try and stop Granny Smith from taking a dive and injuring herself.
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
Episode 19 Sweetie Belle struggles to  get Rarity to accept that she's not the pony she used to be anymore.
Maud Pie
Episode 18 The Mane Six meet Pinkie Pie's sister, whom proves to be less-than-thrilling as a whole.
Somepony to Watch Over Me
Episode 17 Apple Bloom is determined to prove she can handle things on her own after her family insists she's much too young.
It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
Episode 16 The Mane Six are tasked with handling the very delicate Breeezies that have very specific weather conditions that need to take place before they can fly.
Twilight Time
Episode 15 Twilight finds herself the center of attention as everyone in Ponyville seems to be admiring her.
Filli Vanilli
Episode 14 Big Macintosh wears out his voice so it's up to Fluttershy to take his place but can Fluttershy do so successfully in spite of her stage fright?
Simple Ways
Episode 13 Rarity faces a problem qhen a new pony shows interest in Applejack instead of her.
Pinkie's Pride
Episode 12 Pinkie Pie finds herself facing competition as a new pony seems to upstage her with way bigger festivities.
Three's A Crowd
Episode 11 With Fluttershy away on a trip, Princess Cadence and Twilight have to attend to Discord, especially after he gets sick.
Rainbow Falls
Episode 10 When a member of The Wonderbolts gets injured, Rainbow Dash must take their place but does she have the courage to fulfill the position during the time her team member is down?
Pinkie Apple Pie
Episode 9 When Pinkie Pie finds possible info confirming her relation to Applejack, Applejack goes to see various family members to try and clear things up.
Rarity Takes Manehattan
Episode 8 Rarity takes her fashion designs on the road to Manehattan, only to find a former friend of her's has copied her designs.
Episode 7 Fluttershy and Applejack struggle to convince the others that the Vampire Fruit Bats are good or bad.
Power Ponies
Episode 6 The Mane Six and Spike are transported into Spike's comic book and find themselves with supernatural powers in a world of make-believe.
Flight to the Finish
Episode 5 As a qualified coach for the Equestrian Games, Rainbow Dash must keep her emotions in check or she'll lose her position.
Daring Don't
Episode 4 When the next Daring Do book is delayed again, it's up to the Mane Six to figure out why.
Castle Mane-ia
Episode 3 Twilight's new castle proves to be in need of some repairs but that's easier said than done when there are hidden traps at every corner. 
Princess Twilight Sparkle (2)
Episode 2 Twilight struggles to handle the situations regarding seeing the past events as well as altered futures.
Princess Twilight Sparkle (1)
Episode 1 Now with wings, Twilght Sparkle must deal with flying as well as new responsibilities.