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Episode 70 Flight to the Finish Aired:
December 21 2013
At the schoolhouse, Ms Cheerilee announces that two guests are here to speak with them. Ms Harshwhinny speaks first (and doesn't look thrilled at being there but then she never does), reminding them how the Equestria Games work. All this chit-chat is too boring for Rainbow Dash, whom flies through the window and cannot resist letting her emotions run wild. The class discusses whom it might be to carry the flag but Ms Harshwhinny has to spoil RD's fun by reminding her to be professional and picks up where she left off earlier before RD interrupts again.
RD is a qualified coach as she carried the flag at the Equestria Games as a filly and could lose her position in the Equestria Games if her emotions are not kept in check. As the speech wraps up, RD heads out before Ms Harshwhinny says to work hard and wow her. Class ends and everyone runs out as the Cutie Mark Crusaders are ready to get their routine together. They may be fillies but have hearts as strong as horses and share why in song as they get into training.
However, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had watched the whole thing and are not impressed, boasting about their own routine. Furthermore, they add that having Blank Flanks represent Ponyville would be unthinkable (and having obnoxious bullies like you two is even worse) and declare the start of the routine battle. At the tryouts, the CMCs get ready with RD, DT and SS looking on. When it's over, RD loved it but has to keep her emotions in check and even DT and SS are shocked that the CMCs could win.
Nevertheless, the duo find a weakness and sarcastically compliment the CMCs but point out the flaw that their routine has a Pegasus pony that can't fly. (Funny because yours will too.) Scootaloo is convinced that her part in the routine needs a makeover and tries her hardest to fly, leaving Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom uncertain as to whether it's a good idea or not.
Sunset approaches and AB is getting tired so Scootaloo moves to her big finish with the hoop but can't pull it off.The next day, the group perform their modified routine but their lack of sleep leaves a less-than-successful outcome. SB and AB are unable to keep going and don't like their current routine. While her comrades go home for rest, Scootaloo continues working until it finally hits her that she's unable to fly. The day arrives but there's no sign of Scootaloo and when they find her, SB and AB are shocked to learn that she's not going.
AB and SB board the train anyway and share their news with RD, whom isn't the least bit happy and stops the train. The trio race off as Scootaloo is busy tearing down posters and discarding things. When the trio arrive, Scootaloo isn't interested in seeing her friends but RD explains that it doesn't matter whether one can fly or not and their routine worked because of what it represented.
RD considers Scootaloo awesome whether able to fly or not and the trio recite part of their song as they make their way to the Equestria Games. As they arrive, they plow through a trampoline and the crowd loves it. The results are in and the Cutie Mark Crusaders will carry the flag and now it's Ms Harshwhinny whom can't control her emotions. For them, their talent could be flag carrying.