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Episode 78 Simple Ways Aired:
February 8 2014
In Ponyville, many are gathered to find out whom the Pony of Ceremonies of Ponyville Day will be. Pinkie Pie goes on a long chat session on why she'd be best to be that pony but Rarity is the pony instead and the crowd approves. As Spike brings in the giant model of Ponyville, Rarity does have a few ideas. They arrive at (presumably) Rarity's Boutique where a brief fashion show is going to take place where Spike explains the events ahead.
Rarity appears to show off one of her designs and reveal the theme before the others not only approve of the show but agree to help with the festivities as the show is in three days. Rarity is now free to impress the one pony coming to town that she REALLY adores, Trenderhoof, a pony none of the others (or I) have ever heard of. After explaining whom he is with excitement, the group head to the station where Trenderhoof is due to arrive. 
The train arrives but there's no sign of Trenderhoof and Rarity gets worried. When he finally appears, Rarity is instantly in love but too afraid to talk to him herself so Twilight gives her an assist. Rarity nervously explains herself but faints when asked to call Trenderhoof just Trend. Later, Rarity takes Trend on a tour of Ponyville that ends at Sweet Apple Acres, which is better than Trend could've ever dreamed.

Rarity had planned to make the farm an inn for the festival but agrees to let it stay as is but her dreamy moment is cut short when Trend sees Applejack and falls in love. She's the pony of Trend's dreams but it's not what Rarity wants to hear. At Rarity's boutique, Spike is looking for Rarity and finds her through the trail of water and learns of her dilemma. Rarity has no idea what Applejack could have that she herself doesn't and gathers her thoughts.
Meanwhile, Trend shares his obsession over Applejack but Applejack has chores to do and is eager to get them done in time. However, Rarity appears in a more western style outfit and conjures up an excuse for it but Applejack isn't fully convinced yet Trend remains firm to his love for Applejack. In the fields, Rarity wants to plow them but (clearly) doesn't know how until AJ arrives to show how it's done. They move to applebucking and Rarity shows that she can do it her way.
Nevertheless, AJ takes her chores inside while Trend asks Rarity about AJ being his date for the festival (undoubtably she won't given you've gotten her annoyed already) but Rarity says to ask her himself and heads off. Feet away, AJ comes out of the hen house and sneaks past Trend to get into the barn only to find Rarity inside and insists having no ploys to keep her with Trend. Rarity takes this opportunity to become more country than she's ever been before. In the boutique, Applejack enters, too scared to guess what's going on but Rarity comes out and isn't taken seriously.

As she takes off, AJ gets angry while Rarity shows several fillies what it means to be doing it simple ways. Their next model appears and its AJ dressed as Rarity would. This starts a chain of looks between them. However, things change when Rarity dives into the mud and splatters some on AJ's outfit, bringing out the true Rarity. As a bonus, Trend is moving to Ponyville and throwing away his previous lifestyle but Rarity and AJ don't approve as Rarity explains it's not good to change your own lifestyle to impress someone else. At the festival, things go as planned as Rarity has learned a valuable lesson.