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Episode 89 Equestria Games Aired:
May 3 2014
On board the Ponyville Express enroute to the Crystal Empire, the ponies practice and train for the pending Equestria Games while Spike takes inventory of the luggage, which needs minor adjusting to be stable. Rainbow Dash breaks their concentration to get them amped up until she reminds all of them not to kid themselves but Scootaloo adds that they can still be awesome regardless of placement.
With that, they resume their training before the train arrives. Once off the train, Apple Bloom feels a bit uneasy despite Spike assuring that it's all there and learns of how to calm her nerves. However, two guards take Spike away and show their respect after dropping him on the ground. Cadence and Twilight take Spike inside where Spike gets treated with royalty and learns what's going on. (It's funny because in the G3 movies, Spike was already the center of attention and knew more about Ponyville than the ponies themselves.)
Furthermore, Spike is going to take part in lighting the torch for the Equestria Games, therefore becoming first to do so. At the games, it's just two minutes from procession as Twilight arrives to take her spot next to her other princesses. Inside the Crystal Castle, Mrs. Harshwhinny makes certain that Spike knows what to do and Spike gives every indication that he does. However, when he sees the massive torch, Spike's nerves take over and he's hesitant to go through. (Mr. the Dragon? That's not a very royal name or even a regular name at all.) Two guards help Spike to the ladder as Ponyville's team for the games enters.
The flag is placed but Spike is still too nervous to move when the signal is given. At last, Spike climbs the ladder but his nerves prevent him from lighting the torch and his method of calming his nerves only makes it worse, leaving the crowd worried. Cadence sends a guard to help (don't know how unless they're somehow able to breathe fire) but Twilight offers a little magical assistance and it works. Later, the Cutie Mark Crusaders get praise for their efforts but Twilight admits to using magic to help Spike out and needs to tell him in case he doesn't know.
Almost as if on cue, Spike appears, uncertain as to how he feels and confused as to what happened but comes to the realization that he can light fire with his mind. Nevertheless, he completes the autograph two Crystal Ponies as for but cannot make fire with his mind. Twilight needs to speak with Spike but despite his efforts, he cannot read Twilight's mind and learns that he didn't light the torch after all. The news is devastating and Spike walks away to take it all in.
As the next event gets ready, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie head in but Rarity has to lose her magic to avoid cheating (which means they probably saw what happened regarding the torch). As Fluttershy, Bulk Biceps and Rainbow Dash take part, Spike talks with Mrs. Harshwhinny about his ordeal but she misunderstands what Spike is telling her but her anticipation of what Spike would ask next gives Spike an idea.

After the teams take their medals, Spike decides to sing the anthem but learns he's singing the Cloudsdale Anthem and has no knowledge of the words and has no choice but to make it up as he goes, leaving the crowd minus Pinkie Pie in complete bewilderment or embarrassment throughout. Later, as Spike packs up, the CMCs arrive to ask whether he's coming but Spike has no interest as he feels he should pack as the closing ceremony is coming up that night.
That evening, it's time for Ice Archery Finals (how does that even work when they're in a warm climate?). There's no one from Ponyville's team to root for but two members from Cloudsdale's team are ready to participate and depending on their placement, Ponyville could lose.
 In the aisle, Twilight is looking for Spike and learns where he is from the CMCs. She finds Spike "busy" with packing and orders him to come but Spike adds a disguise. Twilight knows exactly what it's like to let everyone down and can't see why Spike is being so hard on himself. Meanwhile, one Cloudsdale team member places and the other gets nervous and knocks over his cup of arrows, leaving him to trip and fire his arrow into the clouds.
Worse still, the cloud has turned into a giant blob of ice that is heading for the ground and none of the pegasai are strong enough, even as a team to move it and there's no time to cut the disabling spell. Spike leaps into action and cooks the icy blob into a brief rain shower. Spike doesn't consider himself a hero as he just did what would've been done by anyone else.
However, Applejack can't make heads or tails of it so Twilight realizes that Spike is disappointed in himself. Cadence has an idea to make himself feel better and Spike agrees. As the Equestria Games closing ceremony takes shape, Spike lights the fireworks and recites what he's learned from the day.