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Episode 83 Maud Pie Aired:
March 15 2014
The group arrives well before sunrise to search for Pinkie Pie, whom they hadn't seen since the day before. A knock on the door confirms that all is well as Pinkie Pie drags them inside where she explains her situation. They find the house littered with rock candy as PP now realizes just how overboard she went (dunno why she doesn't eat them herself when we've seen her eat whole cakes without any change to her physique).
Nevertheless, the ponies agree to help until they cannot cope with the pain. PP needs time to make more candy and is planning on using it to make rock candy necklaces and explains her story about Maud, which she literally illustrates on paper. The rocks in question are so special PP cannot disclose their location and this may be the last chance the group has to see her and trade necklaces. Maud's interests are linked up with the group before PP has to get Maud.
Later, the group gather for a picnic and Rarity appears with a hat that cannot stay together (which really doesn't make for a strong fashion designer, Rarity). PP makes the announcement that Maud is coming and after much waiting, Maud appears but her greeting comes to the sedimentary rock. Rarity brings up the interest of fashion and Maud uses it to express herself. When things get awkward, Applejack introduces the pets each pony has and they learn of Maud's pet rock (the very thing that used to be "hip" back in the day) named boulder.
At the picnic, Maud picks out one of Rarity's hat accessories and eats it but PP finds the muffins just as crunchy. Afterward, the group take part in Camouflage, a game Maud and Boulder played and despite the ridiculousness of the game, they continue playing (though given her nature already, it's unlikely she'd be hurt at all) until Maud finds Boulder in her pocket, leaving RD understandably annoyed. The pets are growing tired so Fluttershy suggests taking them home.  While PP and Maud head off to make the necklaces, the group discuss their thoughts on Maud.

Twilight decides to have Maud meet Rarity one-on-one in the boutique where Maud picks out her newest (and dirtiest) fashion accessory. PP then joins Fluttershy on a nature walk, learning Fluttershy's way of speaking hummingbird. Just feet behind them, Maud takes interest in the rock where a spider resides but once back home, Fluttershy isn't convinced she's friends with Maud or vice-versa.

At Twilight's house, Twilight brigs up her poetry books but Maud writes her own and shares two of them. Next, they visit Applejack and help with the recipe but Maud does more than peel the apples. The taste test goes over well with Pinkie Pie but Maud doesn't share the same excitement (probably needs rocks like the Flim Flam Brothers' disaster version). With RD, they decide to throw rocks in a contest but Maud literally goes the extra mile and not only leaves a mark on the ground but throws a tidal wave in RD's face.
With Maud out looking for rocks, PP decides it's time to make the necklaces but the rest of the group don't feel it's the right time for it and PP sadly heads back inside to figure out what to do with the rest of her candy. The rest of the group return to Twilight's house, regretting what they said when PP arrives to share the one way she's found to bring them all closer to Maud. When none of the others can figure out what it all means, PP demonstrates each activity before getting caught in Maud's.
Without hesitation, Maud springs into action and saves PP from certain doom before scolding PP for her actions.
Furthermore, Maud confesses that things aren't working out in trying to become friends with the rest of the Mane Six and feels it'd be better if she spent the rest of the week at the rock farm and heads out. The rest of the group realize that Maud did what she did because PP was in trouble and Twilight realizes that there is something they have something to bring them together with Maud. On the Ponyville Express, Maud and PP chat about the ordeal but when they arrive, the rest of the Mane Six are waiting with the sacks of rock candy.
Even after the explanation of what they share with Maud, Maud does not show any more enthusiasm than she did when she first met them but PP can see it regardless. That evening, the group returns to the train station and decide to give Maud the rock candy necklaces, which are successfully traded but Maud reveals that while she doesn't like candy, she loves Pinkie Pie.