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Episode 91 Twilight's Kingdom (Part 2) Aired:
May 10 2014
Inside the castle, Luna and Celesta elaborate on what must be done with their magic and have chosen Twilight as the keeper of all this magic to ensure that Tirek, whom they feel isn't aware of Twilight's new status, will therefore not know where the magic has gone. Despite just learning to use her own magic and wings, Twilight is willing to take on the additional magic but cannot tell her friends or risk them being in danger.
Nevertheless, Twilight agrees to continue and is given Luna Celestia and Cadences' magic. Elsewhere, Discord gets an unusual sensation and thinks loud enough for Tirek to hear but quickly convinces Tirek to not pay attention to it. Back in the castle, Twilight now owns the magic but her 3 sisters are without any magic or their cutie marks (and Luna's dark blue patches are still there, making me wonder whether they're really part of her cutie mark or not).
That night, Twilights sneaks inside her house but it's enough to wake Spike so she assures that things are fine but realizes the sun hasn't risen and goes to get it into the air. After a bit of trouble that leaves the onlookers worried, the sun is up but Discord is here, leaving Shining Armor on high alert and not in a friendly mood. Worse still, Tirek has arrived and takes Shining Armor's powers before allowing Discord to do what he pleases.
Tirek bursts through the door but is surprised when he can't take Celestia, Luna or Cadence's magic and demands to know where it all went. Elsewhere, Twilight struggles to control her new magic and realizes that learning to do so isn't wise to do at home but when Spike appears, she takes to the skies in her own variant of a Sonic Rainboom, that leaves Rainbow Dash and the others in total shock and disbelief.

When asked, Twilight explains that it was a strong breeze or similar event that caused what they witnessed but instructs them to get everyone else to remain inside as Tirek may still be a threat and walks away. At the castle, Tirek discusses with the three princesses a bit before sending them to Tartarus and giving Discord a pendant as a sign of gratitude. Tirek admires what Discord has done to the castle's window panes until he sees one of Twilight that hasn't been touched but is told where to find her and walks away, leaving the pane of glass to melt away (probably foreshadowing of some kind).
Back in Ponyville, the group feels that everyone has been properly warned of the danger but Discord is back with not only the cucumber sandwiches but a devious plan and traps them all in a cage. However, in spite of what has been done, Tirek no longer has use for Discord and drains him of his powers too, adding that the pendant is as worthless as his brother Scorpan. On a cliff, Twilight practices teleportation and while it seems smooth, she cannot control how many times she teleports and finds herself between two rocks and a world of trouble with Tirek.
She manages to escape his wrath but Tirek quickly finds her and sends a fireball into her house and leaves little of the trunk standing and her books scattered about on the ground. It's more than enough to leave Twilight ready to take on Tirek and the duo trade blows while simultaneously destroying the surrounding landscape. One last attempt leaves Tirek to conclude that they're evenly matched and offers Twilight's friends, including Discord, for the magic. (Well so much for not having her friends in danger by not telling them about it.) Gazing at the spheres that contain her friends, Twilight considers it, then much to her friends shock and dismay, she agrees to give up her magic for them.
As agreed, all are released, with a short delay in feeing Discord and Twilight loses her magic, leaving Tirek more powerful than ever before. The group surround Twilight and Discord hands over the pendant, admitting that he was wrong and was tricked into believing what Tirek had told him and that the pendant is indeed a symbol of their friendship. As a result, Twilight's powers are restored and the group conclude that this is what is needed to create Twilight's key for the chest. They arrive at the chest and put their plan into action, releasing new magic into the Tree of Harmony that in turn gives them a Rainbow Power makeover and lifting them into the air.

Enraged, Tirek strikes back to no avail and learns that they still have the magic of friendship and they banish him back to Tartarus before restoring Ponyville and its inhabitants to their normal glory. With Celestia, Luna and Cadence freed with their magic, Twilight and friends return to the ground and to normal. They watch as the chest is moved to deep underground Ponyville and a new castle takes the place of Twilight's former house.
Just who owns this new castle? Celestia concludes that it's Twilight's and once inside Twilight realizes that this is the role she was meant and wants to have. Furthermore, each of the Mane Six and Discord have their own throne and even Discord is brought to join the others. As the other Ponyville'ers walk up to see the new castle, Twilight begins the final song of the season.