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Episode 86 Testing, Testing,
1, 2, 3
April 5 2014
Outside her house, Twilight reads into one of her books designed to help Rainbow Dash study for her exam but RD blasts through and sends papers flying. She floats up to tell RD what's on her mind but RD is one step ahead and saw the surprise coming from afar. Nevertheless, the exam is what makes one become a Wonderbolt and is more serious than RD is willing to accept.
Twilight brings her into her house to try her method of studying using a special checklist and a massive book on the Wonderbolts. However, highlighting doesn't go over so well as RD gets every last word coated until the end where she makes a taller-than-normal drawing of Twilight. Next up is having RD be lectured as if she's in a class and does not give in to requests regarding any form of a break.
While Twilight gets to the lecture, RD finds entertainment with her stool and ends up making a short musical with Owl Wishes and Spike. The fun is short-lived as Twilight confiscates the stool and the apparent bike horn while Spike and Owl Wishes take off. She moves the studying back outside to try with flash cards but RD is proving to be the class clown by spitballing each of the cards she's shown. It's enough for Twilight to conclude that RD is ready for the test or a pop quiz. All Twilight gets in return is the least right answers she's ever heard.
With time running out, RD is in total meltdown (now who's overreacting, RD?) and accuses Twilight of causing it, initiating an argument between them. However, Twilight proves she has more knowledge about the Wonderbolts than RD (bit ironic I think considering it's the exact opposite when it comes to which of them is a fan).
It takes Fluttershy's intervention to stop the arguing and she takes them to a play where the animals act out the characters.
After a smooth start, things fall apart as Tank and Owl Wishes bump into the scenery and while Pinkie Pie loved it, RD is no closer to learning the info and in disapproval of the play (I can agree because it'd be much better to actually use ponies to play the parts both for accuracy and control). PP has idea to use music to help RD out but the performance also accomplishes nothing (and it really isn't a surprise since rap is, IMO, the worst music ever invented).
RD freaks out again but encounters Rarity dressed as one of the Wonderbolts history members and is taken to see the others in equally related attire. The idea is also a bust and Applejack is of no help either considering that she doesn't know about the Wonderbolts' history either. The group argue over what method to pursue with but RD is conclusive in not passing and takes to the skies.
Twilight flies up to join her and isn't successful in helping out but a shove from RD to avoid an incoming helicopter-like machine allows Twilight to learn just how RD learns. This gives Twilight an idea and she flies off to see the others on her balcony to explain the plan. With the plan initiated, Twilight approaches a casual conversation that ends with the two of them landing in Cloudsdale where RD recites the entire history of the Wonderbolts.
RD had learned it all without realizing it and we see the events that took place on the ground. While RD takes the exam, Twilight jots down what she (and RD) learned in the book. After some tense seconds, the test score comes back perfect and it's all RD needs to celebrate.