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Episode 67 Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 2) Aired:
November 23 2013
Inside Canterlot Castle, Twilight backs away as Nightmare Moon trashes the place. Celestia arrives and dodges another attack from her corrupted sister and neither being takes notice of Twilight being there. Celestia doesn't want to fight Nightmare Moon, whom won't listen to reason and claims her only duty is to destroy her sister.
The battle takes to the skies where Nightmare Moon continues her assault and nails Celestia critically, sending her plummeting to the ground. Twilight comes to her aid in tears but Celestia isn't out just yet and is left with no choice but to use the Elements of Harmony against her sister, revealing a model resembling orbiting planets.
It's finally clear to Twilight that she's in the past and at the moment where Nightmare Moon was banished as Celestia takes the elements with her to the sky where Nightmare Moon makes a last stand before disappearing into the moon. Twilight returns to reality to find her friends puzzled at what they saw and explain all the things Twilight did and said without her knowledge.
However, Discord found the whole event delightful and suggests taking the moment for the road via paper. What she saw was from the past that doesn't explain what to do now so she takes more of the potion and Discord hopes for a song as she ventures back in time once more to Discord's first banishment.
Discord is having a blast in this time period, suggesting a game of Pin the Tail on the Pony using Celestia's tail. Celestia and Luna get serious as Discord munches on a black substance. The Elements are brought out and so is Discord's laughter as he's not taking what's coming seriously and is turned to stone with his laughter frozen in place. Twilight then finds herself at a white tree called the Tree of Harmony where Luna and Celestia discuss their findings before Twilight is returned to reality again, still unable to find out what's to come now.
However, she feels it's giving a clue that the ToH is in danger and may be why Celestia and Luna are missing.While not entirely sure, Twilight concludes that The Everfree Forest houses the special tree, meaning they'll have to venture through the evergrowing vines to get there. As they enter, they recall the first time they were there and will face whatever it is together. They arrive at the river where Steven Magnet (the purple sea serpent if you recall) had first helped but this time, it's an alligator waiting below the water and it flings her back before taking aim at her.

However, her friends tie up the reptile in all directions to spare her life. Twilight would like her wings to follow what she orders them to do at will but Applejack suggests to return to Ponyville on her own while the rest of them find the tree.
Twilight is not happy to hear this and protests that she's the only one that knows what it looks like but Rainbow Dash is confident that they'll find it and makes Twilight feel worse. Twilight sadly walks away with Spike tagging along as the others press forward.
 We find Discord using Gummy to file his nails when Twilight sees the mess and busts him for it. Discord asks about her search and is willing to listen in on her story before concluding that she thinks she's better than everyone else. Twilight isn't believing it and races back into the Everfree Forest as the others aren't having any luck finding the tree until they find it in a valley restrained by the evergrowing vines (though TBH, I can't see it). Pinkie Pie is first to find the way down and lets them know.
Nightfall arrives and Twilight finds herself lost and regretting separating from her friends but Spike is quick to spot where they are using a vine. He returns to find Twilight under attack by some sort of dark flowery things. Elsewhere, the others find the tree fully wrapped in vines but cannot free it and realize that the one they sent home would be their way out and argue about it before Spike tumbles down the stairs to announce Twilight's peril. They find her motionless and take down the plants. Pinkie Pie celebrates a tad early but Twilight saves her in the knick of time.

They return to the tree and Twilight tackles the job of getting access but when denied, she realizes that the group must give the tree the Elements of Harmony. The news isn't comforting as they cannot turn Discord back to stone without them but it's their friendship that keeps them together. The elements are removed and the vines attempt to intervene but Twilight strikes back and just as she gets covered, the tree obtains its magic and frees itself, making the vines vanish. With the vines gone, Celestia and Luna are freed as well and reunite with Twilight before the tree regains further powers, which make a flower appear. The flower opens to reveal a structure with 6 locks and six keys open them but Celestia knows Twilight won't find them alone.
They head out and find Discord in celebration and explain that they don't have the elements anymore but want Discord to help clean up and keep his thoughts out of his head. Discord agrees to help but he's not a window person and has no idea why his previously planted seeds didn't sprout until now, prompting immediate anger from Twilight. He hands Twilight the potion and we're brought back to the moment Discord was sealed in stone and how the seeds of his next plan were planted.

They could've used the info hours ago but Discord didn't want to rob Twilight of a valuable lesson in being a princess (What lesson? You're the one that assumed she was sent back for being better than the others). At the Summer Sun Celebration, Celestia announces that the day will be remembered for the return of her sister before turning night into day with Twilight adding a bit of extra flare.