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Episode 84 For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils Aired:
March 22 2014
At her boutique, Rarity is busy making an outfit Sweetie Belle requested and Sweetie Belle wastes no time getting the things Rarity considers adding. It's all for Sapphire Shores' big event and as Rarity prepares the next part of the outfit, Sweetie Belle requests checking the stitching of her, Scootaloo and Apple Blooms' outfits for their show and Rarity is only too happy to oblige until she learns how little time she has to do that AND her order for Sapphire Shores.
Nevertheless, Rarity considers the ordeal do-able if she can get other ponies to help. However, there's much to be done on the dresses and the CMCs arrive without their dresses ready to go as SB hadn't notified Rarity quickly enough due to being so busy preparing the script and overall planning. Rarity arrives and with the show about to start, the CMCs have no choice but to wear the outfits. The show goes over well but they have to keep calm with their anticipated comments from others pending. Unfortunately, none of their sisters were there to see it  and everyone only seemed to like the dresses.
Meanwhile, Rarity finishes up the headpiece for her outfit and is ready to relax with the others but  SB comes in with her situation, prompting the others to step outside for their relaxation. SB lets Rarity have an earful of rage and frustration as to SB, it's her 5th birthday party all over again before storming out of the room. As SB rants in the next room, Rarity listens in and considers chatting with her but changes her mind as things do not improve. That night, SB struggles to sleep and tries a quick glass of water (or other liquid as we never see it) before wanting to undo what had been done.
Overhearing Rarity sleeping, SB sneaks inside and finds the box housing the delicate headpiece. A quick tug unravels the stitching and is enough to leave her satisfied.
She heads back to sleep only to find herself dreaming of winning a trophy that melts in the rain. After encountering an evil Rarity raincloud, Luna appears to share that she too suffers from the same ordeal before going back the way she came. SB gives chase and finds herself tumbling down a fight of stairs into her past. When the events only seem to confirm what SB had thought had happened, Luna dives further into the past where we see the events leading up to the trouble and just beyond where Rarity gives credit to the true maker of the party favors.
Next, SB finds herself just hours before the big show and SB is seeing the true light of the situation but is ordered to see the consequences of her actions as Rarity's headpiece crumbles on Sapphire Shores' head and SS later brings up the story to an audience. SB wants out but is forced to see Rarity no longer in any condition to make dresses anymore. At last, SB wakes up but she's too late to stop Rarity from delivering the headpiece and takes the next train with Scootaloo and AB to see Sapphire Shores.
At the rehearsal, Rarity is delighted with the performance but SS takes it back for another practice run while the CMCs struggle to get inside. Practice takes a 10 minute break and SS and Rarity use that time to discuss the attire Rarity had brought. After another failed attempt at getting in, SB decides to use the flag decoration as a zip line to get inside but only SB manages to get inside. Nevertheless, SB snatches the box and with the help of Scootaloo and AB, manages to keep it out of Rarity's hooves. SB finds a safe room with only Luna inside and the duo decide to re-stitch the headpiece back together with some improvements.

Rarity and SB finally meet eye to eye and SB explains the full story. SS is not enjoying what Rarity has shown so Rarity brings out the improved headpiece, which goes over well when SS examines it closely enough. Sweetie Belle makes up with Rarity and all is well and while no repeat performance is in sight for the CMCs, the dresses were the best part of the show.