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Episode 80 Twilight Time Aired:
February 22 2014
At Twilight's  house, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Twilight are watching Sweetie Belle try to work her magic on a broom but it and the broom fall flat but Spike comes inside looking for it and happily sweeps away. Twilight is happy to help for as long as necessary but Spike wants the mess cleaned up, only to learn that it's part of Scootaloo's training. What Scootaloo wants is to have Twilight teach how to assemble the unicycle but instead has to research via instructions herself and is shown exactly where to look.
While Scootaloo resides on the ladder, Twilight and Apple Bloom watch how the potion making is coming along. Unfortunately the end result has the flower not in the greatest health. The next day, as Apple Bloom, Pipsqueak (from Luna Eclipsed) play Four Square, Diamond Tiara calls their attention to her amazing bag of tricks. However, she's too tired to perform and has brought her butler to take her place.

The butler shows impressive skills but Diamond Tiara takes all the credit, leaving the CMCs baffled at how she can be popular by doing absolutely nothing but Sweetie Belle suggests mastering what Twilight has taught them to gain popularity and gets a bit too caught up in the vivid imagination to quickly respond to Diamond Tiara's question. She and Silver Spoon are going to Manehattan soon to hang out with more famous celebrities (oh good, I'll let Billy Hays and Michael Buckston know you're coming). However, the CMCs aren't going there anytime soon but do hang out with Princes Twilight all the time.
It's all the info DT and SS need to be in total shock about the ordeal and really want to go with them next time. (I'd only agree if they give up their bad attitude for good.) After thinking it over, the CMCs decide to let the duo come along anyway. When they arrive and see Twilight, DT and SS are overcome with delight. Nevertheless, Twilight suggests to keep the time between the four of them and does not make DT or SS go first with the learning.
The next day, the trio discuss the previous day's events when DT and SS arrive with everyone they told that wants in with Twilight Time. DT gets the crowd calm but doesn't calm the CMCs' nerves as she and SS recommend running the ordeal themselves (but they aren't friends with you). SB has it all figured out and has invited Twilight to a restaurant as a thank you but Pipsqueak overhears the conversation and exposes the hidden line of ponies behind the bushes.
 Inside the restaurant, Twilight realizes just how hungry she is and is happy they brought here here. They remind Twilight of herself at that age.Pinkie Pie stops by to note how long it's been since Twilight had been there and Twilight had forgotten how good the food is there but cannot seem to "see" the crowd behind her until Scootaloo begins making faces as she's technically in a future picture. Outside, Twilight finds many faces gazing back at her before they all fuss over her. She signs a few autographs before the CMCs come out and learn the gist of why Twilight is there.
Their fame grants them a trip to the grand opening of.....something where Pipsqueak agrees to give them free lemonade.
Plus, they get dazzled out a bit free of charge before DT invites them to her cool party (as if your last party was "cool" to begin with). At the party, it's just DT, SS and the CMCs attending with the rest gazing from behind the gate (well guess Eric Cartman from South Park can relate to these two as he did the same thing with his theme park). The CMCs make room for Twilight Time (either as a ruse or truth but it's hard to tell) but don't want anyone else coming, even after what they got from the crowd (TBH, this wouldn't be enough for me to allow DT and SS to come anyway, given that they've had so many more times of ridicule and bullying.), which gets angry.

They hop over the bushes but are quickly found and followed by the crowd to Twilight's house where Twilight gets another surprise. The crowd is allowed in but there aren't enough nachos to go around so Spike is ordered to make more. Twilight hones her organizational skills by splitting up the crowd into three groups. When Pipsqueak admits to wanting to become a Cutie Mark Crusader, Twilight learns of a more crude reason to how the ordeal started. Worse still, they have to prove how much they've learned in the past week and without their usual equipment, the CMCs decide to improvise.
The experiments end in disaster and the crowd leaves in disappointment. However, things take a turn for the better as a flower emerges from Sweetie Belle's pot and the trio are given a second chance. Spike comes in with a towering stash of nachos but doesn't like that the crowd has left (well now you can eat them all or share them). As Apple Bloom and Scootaloo practice, Sweetie Belle jots down the lesson learned in their book.
To top it off, Sweetie Belle makes the broom fly with ease and Twilight can't believe their improvement. They head out in disguise, convinced that their disguises and the results of Twilight Time might ruin their future plans but Twilight has a good laugh from the doorway.