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Episode 75 Rainbow Falls Aired:
January 18 2014
In Ponyville, Rainbow Dash is training Fluttershy and Roid Rage/Snowflake (now revealed as "Bulk Biceps") for the Equestria Games. The duo are ready to help Ponyville qualify and Pinkie Pie will be part of their cheering squad. After a quick bite from Applejack's apple muffins, RD wants to see them get themselves off the ground but (ironically) BB is having a harder time despite his muscular appearance.
He gets into the air but runs out of steam quickly and dragons Fluttershy down with him with RD as the unintended landing pad. They board the train to Cloudsdale to train and meet some new ponies along the way.
They arrive to see training in full swing and as the group sets up, Dr Whooves/Timey Wimey and another discuss RD's awesome skills before the Wonderbolts begin flying overhead. When they land, they tell RD that she's two days away from flying with them. They know a winner when they see one and after an awkward moment between Pinkie Pie, BB and Twilight, two cheerleader ponies draw their attention and PP wants the same pom poms. BB is once again asked to fly and is making slow but steady progress until one of AJ's poorly aimed treats distrupts the progress. RD moves on to passing the hoof emblem and it works but Fluttershy drops it, only to have Rarity pick it up to give it a fresh coat of paint.
It's enough disappointment for RD to drop to the ground and realize where she and her team stand. As they watch, Soarin and another Wonderbolt fly through hoops when Soarin gets distracted and injures his wing, causing him to plummet to the ground but RD saves him in the knick of time. They assess Soarin's damage and while Soarin assures he'll probably be fine by the time of the games, he's escorted away on stretcher. Spitifire and her friend are impressed with RD's flying skills and offer her the chance to fly with them while Soarin heals.
 After some consideration, RD decides to go with them and despite their approval, she's not happy about the decision (and neither would I, considering your element of loyalty and all) and decides to jump back-and-forth between the two teams to help them out. Try as he might, BB still isn't up to snuff but manages to entertain Fluttershy and AJ when they stop for more muffins.
RD meanwhile gets the final preparations to become a Wonderbolt before practicing again. When she breaks for water, Twilight has had enough and brings up RD's actions to her and RD explains her situation and isn't thrilled by Twilight's response. The other Wonderbolts appear to share RD news that Soarin' won't likely be competing in the trials and want her to be part of the team for good but give her time to think things over.
Her excitement is overwhelming until she learns what'll happen involving what her friends have done and now has a decision to make with the race being the next day. The next day, RD comes in with fake injuries on her body that Twilight sees right through but RD is brought to a hospital room where Twilight notes that doctors cannot find anything wrong.
Fluttershy and BB enter to report that they have Derpy as their replacement for their team but RD isn't entirely thrilled until they mention that should they win, they'll give the gold medal to her. Twilight suggests they leave RD alone, then reminds RD that  it's not a decision not to choose. As it turns out, RD is next to Soarin, whom shares that he's not really hurt either but a sudden burst of sunlight gives RD all the courage she needs to head out and come clean.
In addition, she's sticking with Ponyville as it's where her friends are and Spitfire lied about Soarin's wing just to find a replacement so she's sure it's the right decision. Spitfire and her friend are willing to learn from a pony like RD as they've seen it before at the Wonderbolts Academy. They agree to let Soarin' back on the team. With one team down, it's up to Ponyville to qualify.
The duo reach RD and now it's up to her to finish the course in time. With little more than a second to spare, RD gets the team to qualify and earn gold medals. As a bonus, Spitfire gives RD an additional gold pin before her team takes to the skies. In Twilight's house, RD recites her lesson learned before joining her friends outside.