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Episode 85 Leap of Faith Aired:
March 29 2014
At a lake, Big Mac and Applejack are playing when Apple Bloom wants another round of the stunt performed earlier in the day. She gets her wish and makes a splash large enough to wake Granny Smith from her nap. GS is in no mood to join them thanks to a slight mishap she ran into many years ago. Nowadays, her hooves cannot seem to keep her afloat but neither AJ nor Big Mac agree. Later, AB remarks on how much she loved the story but gets turned down on actually being a high diver.

It doesn't seem so fun to AB when GS puts it a certain way but a crowd starts passing by them and the group follow to see what the fuss is about. Their trek takes them inside a circus tent where a cart and two familiar faces await. AJ and Big Mac are quick to identify them as the Flim Flam Brothers and remain on alert as they're lectured on germs. At last the duo bring out their advertised product, a miracle tonic, capable of really anything and they prove it with a member from the audience. AJ remains unconvinced and skeptical but GS is convinced enough to buy a bottle (even though they never stated what the price per bottle was).
While the trio fish, AJ tells AB about the notion of too good to be true before GS is seen swimming in the lake and ignoring any means of help. When she gets out, she explains that the tonic is  the reason behind it all. She's excited enough to drag Big Mac over to Sweet Apple Acres for some afternoon Applebucking, leaving AB and AJ to find out what the tonic is made of. That night, they arrive at the tent's entrance and spot the same pony from the previous show and corner him for answers. He reveals himself as Silver Shill and gives every sign of guilt and reason to conclude that he's part of the act itself.
SS bolts and leaves them in a plume of steam. That night, AJ and AB decide to splt up and AJ finds herself inside the tent with Flim, Flam and SS. AJ throws suspicion their way but is somewhat changed when all is said and done. The next day, while AJ is on a swing, GS, AB and Big Mac are playing when AB requests her trick and gets an equally fun time.
Furthermore, GS sees no problem with AB becoming an Aqua Swimmer but has doubts of taking part in a competition until AJ convinces her otherwise. Later, the trio head to the front of the line to buy what's left and convinces the crowd to make their purchases, making AJ very uneasy. At the competition, AB and GS run through their routine and are confident they'll win without needing safety or luck. While they take part in the competition, the Flim Flam Brothers continue advertising their product.
The routine gives them crowd approval and a perfect 10 from all three judges. AJ cannot stay happy for long as SS has appeared to sell more of the product and makes a purchase before AJ questions him but it's all thanks to AJ that this mess really started. Cameras flash in front of her before AJ has had enough and protests but SS brings her attention to GS attempting a high dive. AJ arrives at the top to watch GS make the jump but grabs the rope and snares GS at the last second.GS remains confident that she could've done it but AJ has to come clean that she did technically (not) lie about what the tonic could do.
It's not right saying that the tonic can do things it cannot or as SS points out, that it's a tonic when it's not. As a thanks, SS gives AJ the bit he obtained from his first (and only) customer. GS would like to give the Flim Flam Brothers an earful but they're nowhere to be found. As we find the brothers heading out in shame, AJ writes about her day's lesson as GS takes a much safer dive.