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Episode 71 Power Ponies Aired:
December 28 2013
At Twilight's house, Twilight is sleeping away when a light interrupts her. It's Spike trying to read his comic by flashlight. Despite really needing to sleep, Spike wants another two minutes as he's now at the best part of the comic and explains what's happened thus far. Nevertheless, Twilight reminds him of their duties tomorrow and Spike agrees but it's short lived as he fumbles for his comic in the dark and is given the two minutes he desires.
The next day, the ponies are working to restore Celestia's old castle and Spike wants to help but things are already good to go so Twilight suggests he find a quiet spot to finish reading his comic. Spike makes another correction and finds himself somewhat relating to Humdrum from his comic.The story's ending comes as no surprise but the real surprise is the blank page at the end with some VERY fine print at the bottom. Unable to make out what it says by eye, he tries with a magnifying glass and doesn't pay any attention to the ponies calling out to him.
The others arrive in time to see Spike on the verge of being brought into the comic and in attempting to pull Spike out, the others follow him inside. They awaken on the roof of a building and only Spike recognizes that they're in Maretropolis and are now Super Heroes with no way out except to defeat the Mane-iac (whom is already annoying). Mane-iac demonstrates her hair's strength by tossing various objects at them.
Applejack throws a lasso to get Mane-iac but instead finds herself tied up around a light pole. Twilight learns of her powers but cannot make use of them so Rainbow Dash attempts to get lightning to streak through the skies and only drops a tornado that takes all but Applejack for a ride. Fluttershy doesn't like the idea of becoming a huge strong monster so Rarity conjures up a tea set, which smashes into Spike's face before Spike is thrown out of the tornado and into the side of another building. He goes to make off with the electro-orb as Mane-iac leaves but trips and ends up giving the orb back to her.
Worse still, he realizes that he's Humdrum and is sucked back into the tornado, explaining how Applejack can get out of her situation. AJ follows orders and destroys the tornado. It's time to find Mane-iac's secret headquarters and Spike leads the way. A shampoo factory isn't what the group had in mind for a villain and before they can come up with a plan, RD orders the Mane-iac out. Not only is the Mane-iac home but she has plenty of company.
One by one, the Power Ponies take down the opposition but Twilight still isn't getting her full powers to appear and Fluttershy cannot get herself angry. Worse still, as they approach, the Mane-iac uses the Hairspray of Doom to render them useless. She has no reason to use it on Spike and her minions take the frozen heroes away. Spike finds a ventilation shaft and climbs through before he falls out and ends up right in the area where the Power Ponies are being held captive and the Mane-iac's ultimate weapon resides and Mane-iac wants the Power Ponies to be the first to feel its wrath.
Fluttershy brings up Humdrum but Mane-iac remains undetered. However, Twilight protests that Spike comes through whenever they need him and that's enough to give Spike the courage to hatch a plan with some tarp. It works as many of her minions are rounded up and Spike deals with a few others via the hairspray and a swift strike to the one at his post.
 The hairspray loosens its effects on the Power Ponies and they gain enough mobility to break out of the cage and begin messing with the remaining minions as Twilight puts them on ice before some of them are thrown into cages.Fluttershy is on her way out as everything seems to be under control and nothing is making her mad until a strike on a firefly from the Mane-iac that comes close to the machine gets Fluttershy the anger she needs to expand and grow. The Mane-iac fires her ray but it reflects back on herself, leaving her tied up while Fluttershy trashes the ray before realizing what she's done.
With that, the group is returned to reality, happy with the overall experience. Spike is glad to be back and now learns that he is helpful whether they need his help or not. Where did Spike get the comic? Canterlot's House of Enchanted Comics, having no idea how literal "enchanted" was for the comic. The group walks away and Spike reminds them how important he is as the comic disappears.