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Episode 79 Filli Vanilli Aired:
February 15 2014
Fluttershy greets her group of birds and sings a song about it. When it's over, she finds that the animals aren't the only ones that approve of her song and becomes more than terrified. A voice like that is shocking to Rarity that it's not be part of the Ponytones Cortege. As Rarity tries to give reasons why Fluttershy should be in the show, Pinkie Pie negates it with negativity. Fluttershy's stage fright is why she cannot perform and has made Fluttershy decide to watch from the audience.

Much has to be done before the event the next day and while decorations are put up, Rarity practices with the Ponytones to the delight of a very small audience. Rarity decides to let them rest up for the day and perform a final run the next day. The day of the show arrives but Big Macintosh is nowhere to be found. He arrives out of breath and without a singing voice as the group learns of his contest to maintain his unbeaten turkey calling streak, which he blew as well (and in which case it was terrible to put the title at risk).
As a result, with nothing to fix the mess, the singing performance is called off but Fluttershy has an idea and takes Big Mac to see Zecora. As luck would have it, Zecora can cure Big Mac but not in time for the show. However, Zecora brings up the Poison Joke, the blue flower that screwed them all up some time ago and decides to use it on Fluttershy to become Big Mac's voice (but that's lying because Big Mac is making the others believe he's singing when he isn't).
That night, the crowd has gathered for the performance but Fluttershy is nowhere to be found as she's behind the curtain singing Big Mac's lines as the song begins. When it's over, the crowd adores it and one family wants to have the group perform at the daughter's cutiecinera. The date proves to be much too soon with too little warning and Rarity declines but changes her mind when Fluttershy urges otherwise. Their performance goes over well and the mayor wants them to perform at the ribbon cutting ceremony the next day and the group eventually agree. After that, they perform at the Spa and the school before Big Mac's voice recovers fully. Nevertheless, he agrees to let Flutershy sing for him one last time.
At this performance, Fluttershy is so into the song, she literally pulls back the curtain to reveal herself. Applejack isn't happy about what Big Mac did but knows the full story. Back in Fluttershy's cottage, Pinkie Pie once again brings Fluttershy to tears but it's more than enough to send her bolting out the door much to the others' disapproval. They finally catch up to her back at the stage and explain where Pinkie Pie was right.
It's enough to make Fluttershy feel better and with the rest of the Ponytones performs her song from earlier spliced with the Ponytones' song. It goes over well and Fluttershy feels okay with it but cannot deal with a bigger performance just yet and writes what she's learned from her experiences.