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Episode 66 Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 1) Aired:
November 23 2013
The group watch as Rainbow Dash coaches Twilight Sparkle in flying but Twilight just isn't quite getting the hang of it. Having her friends address her updated pony status doesn't help things either as it doesn't feel right to her. With the Summer Sun Celebration just two days away, it's time for the big finish and Twilight takes to the skies, finally getting a patch of smooth flight before plowing face first into clouds and then into the ground. (A note that the intro has gotten updated to reflect the events of Season 3.)
Inside Canterlot Castle, the group see the new stained glass window featuring Twilight's new status but Twilight isn't completely thrilled and Rainbow Dash doesn't feel that everyone would want themselves done in a stained glass window but Pinkie Pie cannot resist drooling over what her dreams are about. Applejack reminds them that they don't want to miss their train to Ponyville and Twilight is sad to see them go as the SSC was what brought them together and the group all understand her predicament as they would've stayed had it not been for the Mayor's urgent needs.
AJ also reminds everyone that they're bonded by the Elements of Harmony and nothing will break it.
At the train station, the ponies agree to keep Twilight informed and give her a hug goodbye. A minute goes by but Twilight already feels missing her friends and gets a letter from Pinkie Pie but remains empty in her heart. At home, the list is just about done and they're well ahead of schedule but when Spike notes that they could easily get the last few tasks done after a brief trip to Ponyville, Twilight loses both her cool and track of where she's going and ends up back on the floor.
She can't afford to let Princess Celestia down and Celestia appears to assure that won't happen and as the moon rises, recalls that the SSC had previously been just a bad reminder of what she did to Luna but now it's a celebration that Luna is back. Spike briefly interrupts as Twilight gets a bit of confetti inside a letter but considers it unimportant. Twilight decides to look over the checklist one last time and Celestia leaves them to it and a mysterious plant comes up from below and takes her hostage.
The next morning, Twilight awakens to see the sky split into day and night and neither she nor Spike can make heads or tails of it.
They head out to see if they can find answers but all they get is a crowd of Ponyville'rs also demanding answers. One of Celestia's guards brings Twilight inside to tell her that Celestia and Luna are both missing and they need to take orders only from royalty and with Celestia and Luna gone, Twilight is now in charge and tells them to keep looking.
However, another guard enters to mention the invasion of the Everfree Forest. Meanwhile, Fluttershy finds her animals all clustered together and learns what's left them in so much distress and is anything but thrilled to see it. At Sweet Apple Acres, the Apple Family is working hard to get the overgrowth removed but to no avail. Worse still, the clouds are not willing to disappear before the SSC arrives.

Inside her boutique, Rarity thinks very little of the abnormal sky and goes about her routine, which turns sour as her magic causes unusual movements with her tea and is forced to put out her magic and leave the teapot a shattered mess but Opal doesn't trust that she wasn't purposefully getting tea on her. Rarity considers the Cutie Mark Crusaders possible suspects but finds Sweetie Belle unable to control her magic.

Twilight races down the stairs and acquires her tiara, figuring that the Elements of Harmony will save them from the invasion and hopes they haven't missed the train. Spike reminds her of her new power and she takes to the skies, leaving him to buckle up. On the ground, the group have no idea how to handle their situation and Twilight and Spike make a crash landing in the house. The wild plant comes into the house and they hope Twilight has an answer for all this but all she knows is that the other princesses are gone and that the EoH will probably be needed and gives everyone their element.
Twilight analyzes the events and comes up with only one true suspect.
They arrive near the center of town and literally call Discord out in the midst of his bath, which was most invigorating. The group quickly bring Discord an earful of their accusations but Discord claims to be innocent but loves what happened as a result. (Understandably so, especially since even the episode where he was reformed didn't stop him from making a mess.)
Only Fluttershy has any doubt that Discord is lying and manages to intercept the process of turning him back to stone.The decision is reached with neither side prevailing so Discord suggests trying Zecora for help and uses the plant for knitting. Zecora explains that the plants were too much even for her and brings out a potion that will help if combined with Alacorn magic.
Twilight successfully makes the potion white and after (much more than) a sip, she's taken to an area where Luna is not happy, claiming that she can be the only princess in Equestria and becomes Nightmare Moon. What will Twilight do now?