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Episode 78 Somepony to Watch Over Me Aired:
March 8 2014
Outside a room' door, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle await anxiously for word but regardless of what happens, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle will be there with her. Big Mac, Granny Smith and Applejack emerge to say that Apple Bloom is old enough to be alone for the afternoon and take care of chores. It's enough to excite the CMCs but AB keeps them in check long enough to turn the corner.

Outside, the pies are being loaded onto the carts and AB is too excited about her pending alone time to see where she's going and nearly loses the three pies she's carrying. Big Mac and Applejack both have tough delivery routes ahead and AJ takes her big sister status so seriously that she made Apple Bloom a list of reminders. Without any hesitation, AB gets the duo moving while GS takes a taxi cart in the other direction.
AB's happiness about being alone isn't shared with AJ as she's unable to conclude that AB is safe or that everything on the list is what AJ wanted to put on it. To put her mind at ease, AJ decides to return back to the Apple Farm. Meanwhile, AB finishes up the list of reminders and now makes a few decisions of her own before AJ surprises her enough to make a mess. Worse still, AJ is here to stay to keep an eye on her sister.
AB tries to prove that she's worthy of being alone by climbing the refrigerator and ends up with jam and spaghetti on her. Later, while AJ is looking for her, AB can only conclude that her big sis is overreacting and tries to rake the leaves only to find a pillow attached to the sharp end and gets a helmet attached (and given her anger afterwards, I'd say AB isn't the one that needs to wear a helmet).

Next, she tries bucking apples but ends up with plenty of safety nets keeping them off the ground and another helmet placed on her head. Then she moves the apples to another part of the orchard but AJ adds training wheels to the front for stability (TBH, that's not a bad idea as a whole as it's more stable and probably should've been the design from the get-go.) The icing on the cake hits when she returns to find the farm's contents coated with protection.
Once again, AB declares she's fine by herself and once again, AJ drops a helmet on her head and remains firm with her decision. Inside AB's room, AB explains the ordeal to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle before AJ comes in to suggest a hoof massage and/or snack but while Sweetie Bell approves, AB is in no mood and pushes the door shut. It takes a bit of thinking but AB decides to deliver the pies to prove she's worthy of being alone and the other two devise a plan to trick AJ into believing AB is asleep (and I'd have recommended maybe cosplaying as her like with a yellow pony costume just to make it more believable).
They approve of the plan and AB gets in a bit of a song before Scootaloo hears hoofsteps and initiates the plan.  AJ comes in, not suspecting a thing and leaves "AB" alone to sleep before starting a series of checkups that leads her to believe that AB may be ready to stay on her own after all.
Inside the closet, Scootaloo cannot contain her excitement and ruins the whole ploy. When AJ gets word of where AB is headed, she fears the worst. While Rarity is coming to babysit, AJ also learns of the lack of defensive tools AB brought with her and that she likely left hours ago. Meanwhile, AB struggles to see her way and finds herself with fiery geysers and a chimera, which starts revealing a plan to make AB their next meal as their past meals were not fruitful due to their arguments. AB manages to slip past the trio but loses her cart and has to go back but the chimera blocks her path.
 Nevertheless, she gets the snake tail to follow and trap her companions instead. With her last ounce of strength, AB pushes the cart of pies up to the top of a mound where the cart rolls down the other side and out of sight. The chimera comes back and decides to settle for just AB but just when the snake tail is about to make the first bite, AJ is here and moves the chimera's attention to her.
However, AJ is well-prepared with the arsenal of weaponry and gets the snake tail out of commission. The tiger part is briefly stalled but overcomes the chair but its charge leaves its teeth wedged on one tree and the snake tail wedged on the other side of a second tree. Only the goat head gets a somewhat decent meal while AJ and AB escape to safety. AB shows that the pie cart and its contents are not lost and AJ concludes that AB was indeed ready to be left alone.
At the festival, while the pies go over well, AJ tells AB that next time AB would be left alone, she'll be trusted and ironically, probably wouldn't have figured out how overprotective she was if AB hadn't snuck out but in the end, they're always good.