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Episode 74 Pinkie Apple Pie Aired:
January 11 2014
At her house, Twilight finishes up one book and gets the next one, only to find Pinkie Pie revealed behind it and becomes startled. She explains to Pinkie Pie about her genealogy but PP is clueless so Spike fills her in and despite all signs pointing to it being a bad idea, PP takes a scroll from the bottom without fail. She dives into the info and seems to understand everything it describes but at the end is what she finds the most exciting part.....she's related to Applejack, whom isn't as thrilled. Inside the barn, excitement fills the air as Apple Bloom has another sister and Applejack started it all. What surprises AJ is not having known about this before and finds a slight discrepancy with Pinkie's story in the scroll.
Granny Smith brings up Goldie Delicious (G3 reference anyone?), the one pony that knows everything about the Apple family and after some consideration, they decide to go see her.After packing, the family has a brief meeting while Pinkie Pie gets packed. GS assures they're a great family just as Pinkie Pie returns, ready to go. Seeing the large pile of objects, AJ asks Big Mac about and learns that he and the wagon are ready to handle it all. As their trip begins, the wagon leads the group into a song about their family.
When the song ends, the carriage crumbles under the stress and the group is left stranded but AJ tries to keep a calm face despite knowing what really went on. PP suggests a trip by river and GS adds how things were done in her time. In short order, they have a raft and resume the trip. Pinkie needs another photo for her scrapbook and promptly takes one. As a wave approaches, PP takes another photo of the aftermath, then learns how a parachute works (well it should work that way but it doesn't always). Another problem arises as they find themselves with multiple paths to choose from.
Apple Bloom finds the map but loses it in her special dance routine.
GS assures she knows the way and takes control and shares info on the scariest cave in Equestria. What they find, however, is they went through the scariest cave in Equestria and AJ opts to take the wheel, forcing a tug of war between her and GS before the rest of the group join in as AJ points out their contribution to the mess. The steering wheel ends up in the water where a duck takes it  before an eagle takes both.
 PP breaks their concentration by remarking how awesome she thinks they are and is ready to take pics of the waterfall they're about to enter. When it's over, the raft holds, just as GS said it would but PP saved herself with balloons and is enough weight to sink the raft before her balloons pop and send her into the water.They build a sled out of what's left and drag it the rest of the way there where PP finds a note saying that Goldie Delicious is out on errands, which gives PP the perfect opportunity to get more scrapbook paper.
The group realizes that not only did PP see the worst of the family but they were all the ones that made a mess of things and fess up. PP returns and is delighted to see that they're all still one big unit and is ready to be an Apple more than ever.
Just then, GD arrives and after learning of the situation, is eager to help. After moving a heaping pile of junk out of the house, she invites them in where they find more junk and lots of cats.
At last they find the book that will solve things but when they find the page supposedly with the info, it's smudged. Nevertheless, AJ decides that, despite the book's lack of info proving or disproving Pinkie being an Apple, Pinkie is still an Apple to the Core and a new photo is taken for Pinkie's scrapbook before they head off in GD's cart, singing a somewhat reprise of their song. When they get back home, AJ recites what they've learned for the book. However, each one wants to put their part into the book and a new argument ensues.