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 MLP FiM Season 5 Episode Summaries

The Cutie Re-Mark (2)
Episode 26 Twilight struggles to keep up with Starlight Glimmer as she constantly hops from place to place and wrecks everything in sight. Can Twilight gain the upper hoof and/or defeat her adversary?
The Cutie Re-Mark (1)
Episode 25 Starlight Glimmer is back for revenge, this time using time travel to not only stay ahead of Twilight but alter the past, present and future.
Mane Attraction
Episode 24 Applejack's childhood friend is on tour and arriving in Ponyville but her attitude and overal appearance has Applejack feeling uneasy.
The Hooffields and McColts
Episode 23 Two rival farmers get into a feud and Applejack and Fluttershy must have them make amends and restore the landscape to its natural beauty.
What About Discord?
Episode 22 Discord has fun with the rest of the Mane Six while Twilight was busy in the library. However, now Twilight wants in on the jokes but is constantly reminded that she just simply had to be there.
Scare Master
Episode 21 Nightmare Night has arrived but Fluttershy is already scared and doesn't want to participate. Will she overcome her fears?
Episode 20 The Mane Six travel to Pinkie Pie's rock farm for Hearth's Warming Eve but find the traditions are much different than ones they know and love.
The One Where Pinkie Knows
Episode 19 Pinkie Pie is forced to keep a big secret but with all the others constantly nearby, that proves to be an immense challenge.
Crusaders of the Lost Mark
Episode 18 At Ms. Cheerilee's school house, it's time to elect the class president with Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara being the candidates. Which side will prevail?
Brotherhooves Social
Episode 17 With Rarity unable to make it to the Sisterhooves Social, Big Macintosh tries to fill the void by dressing as a female. Will his ploy work or will he be found out?
Made in Manehattan
Episode 16 While Rarity resides with Coco Pommel, Applejack struggles to get the outdoor stage and other props ready for a play to return.
Rarity Investigates
Episode 15 Rarity is left playing the role of investigator when a bogus story is brought to light regarding Spitifre's mom.
Canterlot Boutique
Episode 14 Rarity's new boutique in Canterlot and fashion line are ready but is Rarity ready to reveal them to her co-worker Sassy Saddles? Furthermore, are the Mane Six ready to see the new boutique?
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
Episode 13 The Mane Six, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna end up sleep deprived after a terrible nightmare they all have. Was it a one-time deal or will it be never-ending and need a cure?
Amending Fences
Episode 12 Twilight goes to see her old friend Moondancer to apologize but ends up being turned away thanks to what Twilight did in the past. Will Twilight be able to make up with her?
Party Pooped
Episode 11 Yaks from Yakyakistan are paying Ponyville a visit but Twilight is on edge for fears of how poorly the party could go.
Princess Spike
Episode 10 With Twilight Sparkle much too tired to follow up on her princess duties, Spike opts to take over and gets more than he bargained for.
Slice of Life
Episode 9 When Crankey Doodle Donkey's wife Matilda sets the wrong date of the party on the invitations, it's up to residents to get the necessary items for the occasion.
The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone
Episode 8 Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie head to Griffonstone, home of the griffons, including Gilda but what has residents there acting so rudely and is there any way to fix it?
Make Friends and Keep Discord
Episode 7 Fluttershy and Discords' friendship is put under stress when Fluttershy reveals she's gotten a new friend and invites her to spend the day with them.
Appleloosa's Most Wanted
Episode 6 The ponies visit Appleloosa where they learn of a pony with a troubled history. Is this a misunderstanding or an accurate description?
Tanks for the Memories
Episode 5 It's time for Rainbow Dash's pet tortoise Tank to hibernate but that's the last thing on Rainbow Dash's agenda so she tries to make sure there is no way the hibernation is taking place.
Gloom and Bloom
Episode 4 The Cutie Mark Crusaders find that their fourth member Babs Seed has her cutie mark and no longer meets the criteria for being one of them. How will Apple Bloom cope?
Castle Sweet Castle
Episode 3 Twilight isn't so fond of her new castle and hides this information from her friends. What bothers her about it and will she find reasons to enjoy it?
The Cutie Mark Map (2)
Episode 2 The Mane Six are trapped inside while Starlight Glimmer contines her reign of equality. How will the Mane Six escape and defeat their new enemy?
The Cutie Mark Map (1)
Episode 1 The Mane Six are summoned by the Cutie Mark Map to a mysterious village far away from town whereby everyone seems happy. Is this really the friendship ordeal the ponies are seeking?