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Episode 77 Pinkie's Pride Aired:
February 1 2014
We find a brand new character named Cheese Sandwich on a cliff after a successful party thrown when he gets a sensation that another party needs planning. It's time for he and Boneless, his rubber chicken friend, to plan the Ponyville party! In Ponyville, Pinkie Pie uses a song to share her excitement over the next planned party as she collects the necessary components with others joining in on the song as she progresses through town.
When it's done, the banner is put up and we learn it's a party for Rainbow Dash but she has a few terms and conditions for the pony in question. All she needs is someone to help plan the party and Cheese Sandwitch makes himself known and the duo learn just how much in common they really have. The party has to be epic as the day is also the day Rainbow Dash moved to Ponyville.
CS shows the crowd what he's capable of and a bit of his back-story with PP backing him up as another song takes shape. By the song's end, the crowd has formed around CS and left PP behind. They're lucky to have CS there and RD has to admit that the party CS is waiting to throw sounds better but that makes PP feel worse. Decorations take shape and now CS has to plan things out.
A little later, Twilight arrives to ask PP if she wants to help out but PP declines as CS has things all worked out and is clearly the better party pony. PP takes her current feelings into the next song of the episode and tries other lines of work but none of them go over well. Inside her house, she finds a pic of her very first party and starts feeling better. The song takes a turn and PP is feeling more confident to try things out against CS.
At the party, everyone marvels at the decorations but Pinkie decides to a Goof-Off challenge where the winner will host Rainbow Dash's party. 10 minutes later, the Goof-Off begins and Twilight uses her Official Goof-Off Rulebook to explain what goes on. Things get underway and RD is literally dragged into both sides of the battle. However, when a giant confetti cake falls on RD, Pinkie stops the Goof-Off and concedes to CS. She packs up her things but before she can go, the others admit that they were carried away by CS. 
Furthermore, CS is only in Ponyville as a guest while PP is there for life and CS appears to say that he never meant to take the show, only to share what he can do. As a twist, CS admits to lying about being a superstar. In reality, he wasn't remotely popular and came to Ponyville by accident earlier and the party being thrown was by Pinkie Pie so PP was the one that made CS the way he is now. The realization is cut short as they have a party to throw for RD.
That evening, the party is in full swing and CS and PP add another song to celebrate. It's the epic party RD wanted and that's enough for CS to be on his way. Before he goes, he hands PP Boneless as she writes her day's lesson. It's time to move on and CS and Boneless 2  will have another party ready for the next town.