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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episode Summaries

Season 9  
Season 8 New surprises await Twilight and friends as they meet new creatures and new enemies.
Season 7 Twilight's journey continues and now more mysteries are unlocked along with new friendships and new enemies.
Season 6 Twilight takes her adventures even further with the return of old faces and old rivals.
Season 5 Now with her own castle, Twilight takes on even greater enemies and new friends.
Season 4 Join Twilight as she continues her adventures in Ponyville with new surprises for her and her friends.
Season 3 A new chapter in Twilight and her friends' story as they travel to new lands and meet new friends and foes alike.
Season 2 New dangers await Twilight and her friends from a dangerous, yet silly multiparts animal to various issues that arise from friends and family.
Season 1 Embark on a journey with Twilight Sparkle as she encounters new friends and surprises!