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Episode 72 Bats! Aired:
January 4 2014
In Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack awaits for sunrise to start Applebucking Day and happily enters apple bliss when she first kicks a tree, only to find they're far from perfect and realizes that a foe from the past has returned. She calls all her friends over to report that the Vampire Fruit Bats are back and is not going to calm down, especially considering her giant apple, which is being entered in the Appleloosa State Produce Competition.
Fluttershy assures that the VFBs will go away when they're told but AJ remains unconvinced and lets Fluttershy take action. However, when Fluttershy asks, all she get in return is apple ammo. It's no surprise to AJ and she shares why the VFB are so nasty in song with the others joining in. When it's over, Fluttershy is the only one still refusing to accept the VFBs being bad and her suggestion is turned down as AJ shares one of the stories Granny Smith had told her. They just need a way to convince the bats to go away and Twilight gets an idea.
They need to get the VFBs' full attention and turn to Fluttershy's tactic of The Stare, which she only uses for dire circumstances and is reminded at how dire their current situation really is. Outside, after some thinking, Fluttershy decides to do it and the group set out to lure all the VFBs to one tree. With that done, it's time for Fluttershy to use The Stare with a little of Twilight's magic. The bats fall victim and when tested, show no interest in apples. They head back and Fluttershy seems to take an interest in an apple herself.
The next morning, Applejack tries again but gets the same result and all the group can conclude is that the spell failed and race to find the bats only to discover they still don't want apples. It's enough evidence for AJ to conclude that the bats are not responsible. Twilight suggests a stakeout and the group spend the night in Sweet Apple Acres looking for the culprit and Fluttershy finds herself craving an apple. It's agreed that they're not leaving without the mystery being solved and test their pony signals for when something suspicious is found.
They split up to find the culprit and Fluttershy is feeling very uneasy about the ordeal and is showing signs of a transformation in the works. One by one, the group sees a shadowy figure flying overhead until AJ sees the figure out in the open and is much closer than they realize as Fluttershy has gone batty. It's too much for Pinkie Pie as she digs below ground, not wanting Flutterbat to eat her. Twilight has a possible theory as to what happened and the group set off again. AJ wants Fluttershy back more than her orchard and PP gives TS an idea to lure Flutterbat to the giant apple formerly used for the Produce Competition.
It works and as Flutterbat approaches, the giant apple is kicked out of the way to reveal a mirror and when she tries to get away, there's always another mirror in front of her. It keeps her at bay long enough for TS to reverse the spell and return Flutterbat to Fluttershy. Fluttershy comes to but has no memory of where she is and Pinkie Pie only adds to her confusion.
The next day, the sanctuary is put in place as AJ appologizes to Fluttershy for not taking up on the idea before they return to Fluttershy's house to make note of what they've learned and Pinkie Pie plays pretend dracula/vampire fruit bat, giving the others a good laugh and revealing Fluttershy's still batty tooth.