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Episode 81 It Ain't Easy Being Breezies Aired:
March 1 2014
In Ponyville, Fluttershy has gathered the rest of the Mane Six to remind them of the impending arrival of the Breezies (you know, from the G3 era) and suggests a cheer in their honor but it must be quiet to not scare them away. Unfortunately, practice does not go well as the others cannot keep quiet during the cheer but after a few attempts, they get it right. Later, decorations are put up and the wind that will move the Breezies along is made but Fluttershy has to fill in Mr. and Mrs. Cake about the Breezies' needs and gathered much from her travel to Western Equestria to watch their pollination.
A blinding light interrupts their conversation as Rarity has arrived with an outfit capable of blinding everyone around her. Even after removing it, a brighter light takes its place but before Rarity can run home to change, the Breezies are approaching. Everyone watches in awe as they pass by (with nearly indecipherable dialogue and baring no resemblance to the G3 versions, which I find to be way better). It's all too much cute for Pinkie Pie to take and won't let Spike climb on her to see.
He finds a tree and climbs to a branch where he excitedly hops up and down but the movement causes a leaf to leave the branch and disturb the flock of Breezies. Worse still, nothing can be done to adjust the breeze being created as it's either too little or too much. Fluttershy darts after one spiraling away from the group and saves it from certain doom before aiding the others to safety. Spike appears to apologize for what happened but is quickly forgiven and decides to stay further away to avoid further disruptions.
Rainbow Dash suggests getting the breeze going again to allow the Breezies to continue their journey but the Breezies don't want to go yet so Fluttershy takes them to her cottage. Inside, she attends to their every need before Applejack and Twilight arrive to check the status of the Breezies. However, the Breezies don't want to go yet so TS and AJ head off. One of them, revealed as Sea Breeze, is not happy that they aren't going yet and hates that they need wind to get going (well then try being a G3 version where that's not necessary).
FS decides to lighten their mood with a snack and it seems to be working but Sea Breeze continues his (as I've discovered online) rant about what happened and the other Breezies fake being sick. Much to Sea Breeze's dismay, Fluttershy lets them stay longer and this makes Rainbow Dash uneasy. As a party of sorts gets going, Sea Breeze has had enough and trashes the saxophone one of the Breezies is playing before heading out when Fluttershy once again decides to let them stay.

By the time Fluttershy realizes this, SB is already out the window and struggling to cope with the elements, which cause her to plow into a beehive where she finds herself cornered on a branch to be inevitably stung. Fluttershy appears but the bees remain ready to strike until Fluttershy becomes aggressive (I'd like for this to work IRL but it won't because you'll be stung anyway.). The duo chat about the ordeal and SB learns of what made the bees listen despite being what he'd been doing earlier. Once she gets her "rainbow vision", Fluttershy realizes it's time to take them home and brings the news to the other Breezies. She stands firm and orders them out of the cottage but doesn't feel better afterwards.
Outside, the trio of Pegasai struggle to get the right breeze to get the rest of the Breezies home but Twilight knows a spell to help out and gets the six of them to become Breezies. After a bit of a hitch where one Breezie cannot seem to make the journey, two others, including SB, help her out and the group fly into the portal safely.
 The Mane Six Breezies cannot stay long as the portal is closing so Fluttershy bids them a final goodbye and is given a flower and hug to remember them by and as they depart, Fluttershy recites what she's learned. Once outside, Twilight restores everyone to normal but does not give in to RD's requests to be something else as they ride into the sunset.