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Episode 73 Rarity Takes Manehattan Aired:
January 11 2014
At the Ponyville train station, while Spike gathers up the baggage, the group discuss the trip to Manehattan for the week. Furthermore, she shares tickets to the Bridelway show "Henny of the Hills" for all of them. When they arrive, they quickly find the theater for the show as Rarity explains she helped with the costumes to get the tickets. Even RD is excited to see it and she's never really excited about musicals. As if on cue, Rarity breaks into song about the city as the group tours it and joins in on the song.
When it's over, Rarity dreams of having her dresses displayed in the shop and just has to get to the Fashion Show by 2PM, which is 10 minutes away and they need to get Rarity a cab. When they find one, they also find the long line of ponies waiting to take it. Luckily, a second cab pulls up to help. Rarity speeds away and Spike feels like they're forgetting something. Unfortunately, they're forgetting Rarity's dresses and Rarity arrives and realizes this but the pony from before helps her out as Twilight and the others mentioned it to him.
She races off and joins the other contestants seconds before Prim Headline comes in to explain what will happen going forward. Once the meeting is over, Rarity encounters a friend from the Ponyville Knitter's Club named Suri Polomare and she's equally happy to see her and accepts the offer to help get her dresses into her own dressing room.Her friend marvels over the dresses and wants a small sample to spice up her own dresses but Rarity gives her much more as she has plenty left over but doesn't get to finish explaining things before Suri is gone.

The next day, Rarity arrives early enough to get in line only to find that Suri has copied her own designs and runs off in tears.Twilight and the others return to their hotel room to find Rarity in complete despair and learn of her predicament.Her friends comfort her and get her to start over but end up being the ones to make them. As time passes, the others' original plans are closing in and give Rarity the conclusion that they'd rather see the show than help Rarity and Rarity bolts out in rage.
That night, the dresses are finally done but Rarity is in too big a hurry to thank them and bolts out once more with the dresses. At the Fashion show, Suri is getting appraisal for "her" work before Rarity arrives with something new. The judges like it and Rarity could win but her friends aren't there so she dashes out of the show to find them. She fears they went back to Ponyville and sings a short reprise of her original song about her regrets.
She returns shortly before Suri, her friend, Twilight, and all her friends arrive. Twilight explains that they overslept and missed the show but Rarity learns that she lost the event but doesn't care as her friends are still there despite how they were treated. They'd never drop Rarity for a minor thing as they know her well. To make it up to them, Rarity will take them to see Hinny of the Hills that afternoon and we find Suri blabbing to her friend about what she did to keep Rarity from knowing the truth.
After the show, the ponies approve and learn that Rarity offered to make the costumes for the next show to get them all in. However, it means Rarity isn't going to be in Ponyville for a while. Suri's friend interrupts to hand over the 1st Place trophy, now with Rarity's name on it, revealing that Rarity DID actually win but without claiming the prize, Suri would've claimed it instead.
She'd been working for Suri long enough to believe that it was everypony for themselves and Rarity offers her the job of making the costumes for the next show.On the way home and at home, Rarity notes her lesson to Celestia before opening the gift Suri's friend gave her and placing the new roll of string with the others.