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Episode 90 Twilight's Kingdom (Part 1) Aired:
May 10 2014
At the Crystal Empire, it seems like it was just yesterday that Spike saved the town from certain destruction and the ponies couldn't have forgotten as Spike had told the story multiple times already. Nevertheless, Twilight isn't so sure it's going to be as exciting as the others think as she just smiles and waves as the special guests arrive. Furthermore, being a princess doesn't seem to mean much. The ponies gather on the balcony as the Duke and Duchess arrive.
Twilight does her signature move as directed but Spike remains unimpressed (though it's unlikely the Duke and Duchess would've wanted to go to Ponyville as that wouldn't seem very royal but then we don't know where they live) until he fakes a more positive reaction, leaving him to get a thump on the head. Inside the castle, The Duke gives thanks to Twilight before he and the Duchess leave and there's nothing more Twilight can do to help as the visit is over.
The other three princesses arrive and learn of Twilight's troubles before Twilight expands on those troubles in song with the other three joining in. Meanwhile, one colt finds himself in a dark ally where a robed figure confronts him. The figure introduces himself as Lord Tirek (more or less the name of the G1 character) and shows what he can do by stealing the colt's magic and overall energy. Inside the castle, Celestia awakens with enough of a fright that Luna hears it and goes to find out what happened. However, Luna had it too and they conclude it must be a vision.

 The stronger Tirek becomes, the more danger they're going to face. We're then introduced to the story behind Tirek and his companion Scorpan (also from G1) and how things were brought to where they are now and have brought Twilight to them. Twilight is all set to take on the task but Celestia and Luna have a different character in mind. The news comes as a surprise to Twilight and her friends except Fluttershy, whom feels it's a good decision (and I agree with everyone else behind her not happy about it as Discord has never proven his worthiness as a friend). Twilight sides with Fluttershy, adding that Discord can help track Tirek down.
Until then, there's little Twilight can do so she heads to Canterlot Castle to catch up on her reading. Rainbow Dash has an idea and the group decide to go with Twilight to the castle for old time's sake. Along the way, they stop by the site of the Tree of Harmony and Discord literally drops in, explaining that he's here on a mission after some light reading. He figures his role is big enough to make himself an Alacorn princess but none of the others share the same idea. (You look hideous enough as is, don't make it worse by adding wings that look like they were from the Dollar Store. Besides, you're not worth that treatment anyway.).
Discord is ready to go but brings them to the Tree of Harmony as he'd been eavesdropping to learn that Twilight doesn't feel she's worthy and hasn't opened the chest yet (and no, you do NOT eavesdrop on your friends but then you've never really had friends except Fluttershy). He goes to head off but realizes he still has the journal that the ponies had been writing in about their lessons and had been reading through it (which is also NOT what friends do, even if these ideas aren't technically private).

Applejack has noticed that the current Discord seems to be worse than the original (but I don't see a difference at all). However, Fluttershy thinks Discord is onto something and the group search for answers to the chest in the books. Nothing is found so Twilight decides to look in the diary anyway (and you can see the bookmarks are colored just like the ponies).
Elsewhere, Tirek claims another victim's powers and goes for the next but Discord is really the colt he was aiming for.Tirek commends Discord on the escape but Discord shares his disdain by cuffing Tirek's arms. The quest he's on is for his friends (really, Fluttershy), leaving Tirek to realize that Discord is friends with ponies.
Tirek is not convinced as Discord is a legendary character and shouldn't be falling for the same trap that Scorpan fell for. All Tirek needs is more power and he'll let Discord do as he wishes.
While Discord decides on what to do, Twilight makes a find, linking the bookmarked sections to what the ponies have done themselves. Each of them had to make a tough choice and now Twilight feels the objects obtained relate to the keys. Looking at the objects, nothing comes to any of them as to what relationship they play but a fluke toss from Pinkie Pie reveals that the objects, when placed close enough, become the keys. The other objects are put into place and their keys fit in the holes but Twilight has never had a difficult decision of this magnitude.
Spike assures that Twilight will eventually get her key but an urgent letter from Celestia brings Twilight to the castle where Twilight learns that Celestia put too much faith in Discord, whom is now joining Tirek, whom in turn is stealing additional powers like flight, leaving no rain for areas needing it. The only way to potentially save Equestria and Ponyville is for Celestia, Twilight, Cadence and Luna to remove their magic completely!