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Episode 76 Three's A Crowd Aired:
January 25 2014
At Twilight's house, Spike brings in the mail and Twilight's long-awaited letter has arrived to say that Princess Cadence can come that weekend, allowing for much-needed time together.While that excitement takes place, Fluttershy enters with a letter detailing her care of the Breezies (yes, like those from G3). On top of that, Pinkie Pie has news of patio furniture that she wants.
The ponies take to the train station where Fluttershy is to head out and Cadence is to arrive.  Fluttershy boards and off she goes with Pinkie Pie vowing to never forget her until a balloon redirects her attention. Twilight is nervous about seeing Cadence as she wants a perfect time with her. She and Cadence plan to visit the Star Swirl the Bearded Museum. While Rarity and Applejack approve, Rainbow Dash considers the whole idea lame.
The Crystal Empire Train arrives and literally grinds to a halt before Cadence (and Flash Sentry from Equestria Girls) make their grand entrance. The duo have a formal greeting even though it isn't necessary since they're Sister-in-Laws. Cadence knows Twilight has plans and Twilight decides to get her friends to not allow any mishaps but they're way ahead of her. As the duo head off, a blue object flies in and it turns out to be a familiar face. It takes a mere sentence from the object for the group to realize Discord is whom they saw and all doubts (and the tree's leaves) are erased when Discord lets outs a big sneeze.
RD remains convinced that Discord hasn't changed and none of the others (or I) believe his story but Pinkie Pie is happy to provide a makeshift couch for him to lay on. He explains that he came here for help as staying home would not have done good. Unfortunately for him, Fluttershy is not there to help but wrote a letter detailing her trip and the others learn of the duo staying in touch via letter. Discord knows what to do and is going to have the remaining ponies take care of him as that's what friends do (but they aren't friends with you and neither am I).

However, RD wants no part and quickly races away. Pinkie Pie offers but Discord has already assigned Rarity and Applejack the duty and gives Pinkie Pie a red balloon to take away her anger. AJ and Rarity are still not convinced about Discord's story but know they want Discord to be as far away from Cadence and Twilight as possible but their words are loud enough for Discord to hear and he interrupts them. However, as he speaks, Rarity and AJ learn just how contagious it is and get sick as well, leaving Discord no choice but to find Cadence and Twilight.

Cadence and Twilight are excited to be at the event and discuss a candle from Star Swirls' time in Maretania before Discord takes its place. Cadence and Twilight are understandably not happy to see him and are not falling for his lies. However, Cadence is ready with a Magic Health Bubble to shield herself and Twilight from the disease. Discord asks to stay with Twilight but she is not thrilled with the idea but it's what Fluttershy would do (and neither of them are her, Discord). With no other choice, they take Discord home where he says he'll deal with things himself after a request.
Cadence assures that things will be fine (well then you don't know Discord very well) and Discord explains his requests in song. Twilight has had enough and wants a cure but the only way is a rare flower that Discord tells about and a map to get there. Despite his ailness, he needs to go along so they get it right and they travel by air carriage. When they arrive, it's a short journey more before they finally see the massive flower. The two of them work hard and eventually pull the flower out but a pink eel-like creature is not happy and begins attacking, forcing one of them to work in freeing the other.
At last, they get the creature back into the hole and block any future escape with rocks. They get the flower and begin heading down only to discover Discord is 100% better as it's revealed he was faking (what a surprise) to have some time with her. Passing this test does not make Twilight feel better but Cadence had actually preferred some action as she'd been bored in the castle.
Discord doesn't like that Twilight is being commended but the pink eel finds a way out of the ground and has gotten sick, letting Discord take the brunt of it and gets officially sick himself.  At Fluttershy's house, Twilight recites what she's learned and Discord would agree but while AJ doesn't want to say that Discord earned getting sick, Rarity (and I) have no problem saying it and Fluttershy being there is helping Discord feel better but Twilight doesn't want to take his request.