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Episode 88 Inspiration Manifestation Aired:
April 26 2014
In Ponyville, Pinkie Pie declares the Ponyville Foal and Filly Fair almost ready as Rarity is putting the finishing touches on her puppet theater. However, the father (whom looks like he could be Snips' dad) is not happy and walks off (TBH, I don't think his puppets look that appealing anyway).
It's too much for Rarity to handle and Spike's compliment doesn't stop her from running home in tears. Spike tries to cheer her up but there's not enough time to make something else to contribute and she begins delving into ice cream. Spike heads into the library to look for any sort of help with Owl Wishes keeping watch. He grabs a book that in turn reveals a hidden room with an additional book.
Despite Owl Wishes' uneasiness (or excitement I suppose. One can never really tell with owls), Spike destroys the lock, grabs the book and makes it out unharmed. We find Rarity having eaten several cartons of Vanilla Oat Swirl ice cream (as it's soon revealed to be) and she doesn't want anything Spike could have for her unless it's more ice cream or cancellation of the festival.
Nevertheless, Spike shows her the book and while not immediately thrilled, Rarity opens the book and recites the words, obtaining a new magic in the process. It works as advertised and Rarity goes to use it and make a more appealing puppet theater. Just when Rarity is about to hand over the book, she decides to keep it a bit longer and only Owl Wishes suspects that things may not be as alright as they appear to be.
The next day, Spike arrives at the boutique to see it loaded with 15 seasons' worth of additional fashion ideas. Furthermore, she decides to keep the book even longer to help spruce up the town itself.
Her first faux pas appears with Applejack's cart and she completely transforms it, leaving AJ and Granny Smith wondering what they just saw. Spike suggests giving the other carts makeovers but Rarity wants to keep it between the three of them, including the book that started it all. She finds Rainbow Dash clearing the skies and gives her much more than she could've ever asked for. Next, she moves to Fluttershy and goes literally out on a limb to give the robin a mansion of a birdhouse that makes it very difficult to navigate.
A party is in full swing and Rarity doesn't think there's enough flare so she works her magic and totally messes it up. Luckily Spike manages to stop her from making things much worse, leaving Pinkie Pie to arrive in total shock and disbelief. In the center of town, Rarity isn't going to stop until all of Ponyville has been changed and gives Spike a rather unflattering costume. Twilight arrives but is told nothing out of the ordinary until the mayor reports of gazebo trouble. Twilight frees them while Spike decides to get the book away from Rarity.
High above town, as Rarity basks in the glory of her changes, Spike makes an attempt to get the book and after not being successful, Owl Wishes provides the distraction needed for Spike to get the book. Once again, Spike gets caught but Spike swallows the evidence and discovers the magic works regardless. Worse still, Rarity plans to change all of Equestria. This time, Spike is not willing to help and admits everything, causing the magic to leave Rarity. It all makes sense to Spike now. Since he told the truth, the magic spell on Rarity was broken.
At Twilight's house, Spike writes down what he's learned before Twilight gives him a bit of an earful. (Why on earth did you have a book that was capable of such evil deeds in the first place? What if one of your foes got their hooves on it?) It had taken she and Cadence much time to clear the dark magic away and now Twilight is a mess, the most honest thing Spike can say as a friend.