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Episode 87 Trade Ya! Aired:
April 19 2014
At the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange, the ponies discuss the event and what it has to offer when Spike takes a fall thanks to a rock and nearly loses his Power Ponies comic book. Twilight soon finds herself getting more attention than she could've ever bargained for and heads for her table, explaining how a trade here works. While Twilight signs a picture for a very excited filly, Rainbow Dash flies in to report about the Daring Do book she wants that only exists there. Fluttershy had her own trade planned but scraps it to help RD instead.
Applejack heads out to do trading of her own and Rarity can't help but come along to look at vintage items and is willing to combine trade stuffs with Applejack in case she or Applejack find an item they cannot be without. Meanwhile, Twilight gets her booth set up with old books she no longer feels she needs as her library house is overflowing due to Celestia's constant barrage of new ones. Rainbow Dash finds the book she came for but her offer is turned down as the owner wants the two-headed dog (an ortheros apparently, if I spelled that right) for the trade.

Elsewhere, Rarity and AJ have found the one thing in the show they cannot be without and are now in a dilemma. However, when presented with the item the other wants, neither one approves. While they argue, RD goes to make an offer for the offer for the Daring Do book but is again turned down as the owner needs a new lamp. They find a stand of Discord lamps (and I'm with you, RD, it's pretty bad enough with the one but where'd the others come from? Was the lamp sold and/or duplicated?)

Once again, RD's offer gets turned down (and I'm not surprised as it's not really that interesting either. Maybe as a brand new one) and they head to find the trader an antique chicken statue. When they arrive, there's several to choose from but they need a crystal chalice first. Fortunately (and rather conveniently) the trader wants a rusty horseshoe and makes the trade for the chalice. However, in the excitement, RD taps the chalice and it breaks apart.
Back at Twilight's booth, a filly wants Twilight's stash of books for a broken quill. Before she can make the trade, Pinkie Pie intercepts and scares the filly away. PP only came to ponywatch and will not let Twilight make such a horrid trade again (though the rules were not specific on how much one had to want the item before the trade was made and seeing as it was Twilight whom was making that trade, I'd say she has say in what is fair).
While Pinkie Pie starts trying to persuade the crowd into trading for the books, RD and Fluttershy finish gluing the chalice back together and the trader approves after restoring the chalice to its previous form but RD doesn't know which chicken the previous trader wanted for the lamp and heads out but sees Fluttershy failing at her task and opts to stay while Fluttershy goes. In the midst of it all (literally), Rarity and AJ continue bickering on being the better friend.
RD and Fluttershy get the chicken the trader had (supposedly as we never see the scene in which the asking is done) asked for but the trader is out to lunch. Back at Twilight's booth, PP gets a few takers but Twilight doesn't feel it's right to trade for books simply because of her princess status but PP doesn't listen and only gets others more interested.
RD and Fluttershy find the trader but he's not interested in making the trade (how about for food perhaps?). This gives RD an idea and the two of them head behind the counter of a tiny restaurant booth and serve up lightning fast orders. At last, they make the trade and now it's time for the one trade that was the true trade RD had been wanting to make all day.
However, the seller is packing up and the crowd isn't making things easy to get to her. Fluttershy's quick thinking gets the crowd to disperse but loses the very thing that allowed them to proceed. The trader at first doesn't want the ortheros but changes her mind if Fluttershy is willing to train it. RD ignores anything that would otherwise convince her to decline and accepts the trade, taking to the sky with excitement but quickly realizes she's made a horrible mistake. Down below, PP declines all offers before convincing the crowd to disperse. Twilight has also realized how valuable her books really are as they bring back memories. RD knocks her to the ground to mention her dilemma with the trade.
After what has been said, Twilight rules that she cannot decline the trade since both considered it fair but RD was wrong and convinces the trader to revoke the trade.
On the train, Rarity and AJ have finally settled down and show each other what they traded for. Furthermore, RD traded the dog for a bird call whistle and gets a less mint copy of the book she's always wanted.