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Episode 68 Castle Mane-ia Aired:
December 7 2013
In her house, Twilight is frustrated over not finding the info she needs on the chest at the Tree of Harmony or on the keys to unlock them. She hopes Celestia will have an idea and gets a letter about an option closer to Ponyville. She arrives at the old Canterlot Castle ruins at the end of the Everfree Forest and once inside, finds much to be read. Spike isn't liking his experience thus far and wants to leave but Twilight is too excited about what lies inside the books to go home.
Meanwhile, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are in the midst of a dare involving both of them covered in bees with the loser being first to blink but the beekeeper needs his bees back and now they need a new way to prove whom is the most daring pony. Pinkie Pie finalizes her calculations and puts them dead even but RD and AJ aren't settled as there can't be a tie for their situation and Pinkie Pie has no calculations to show for it.
PP heads off to ring the school bell the whole day while Applejack finds an idea for the two of them to do. In the Everfree Forest, Rarity, Fluttershy and Angel are walking through as Rarity is going to take on the task of restoring the old castle's best treasures. They arrive at the castle entrance and are a bit uneasy but pick up the pace one Angel hops inside.
They find Angel not far in but Angel presses on her own path. On the old balcony, Twilight and Spike have all the light they can get for studying late. Just feet away on the ground, AJ and RD find the castle and AJ tells of a legend about the Pony of Shadows. Meanwhile, Rarity finds a piece of the castle needing restoration but after Fluttershy can't get it down, the wall pivots 180 degrees and Rarity is left alone. AJ and RD find themselves there but are scared out of their wits when they see the "ghost" before them.
The door pivots back and Fluttershy reappears with a somewhat injured wing. They press on until they fall through a trap door set-off by Angel. All RD can conclude is that the Pony of Shadows legend is true but only the bravest pony can stay in the castle all night and agree to do so and as they leave, one of the pictures' eyes moves (a result of something actually watching them no doubt, in which case there's just a hole).
Twilight and Spike aren't having any luck with their search until Angel appears and causes Twilight to tilt her chair forward and open a hidden area. Twilight finds a book and begins reading it, figuring it could be the book Celestia mentioned. Applejack and Rainbow Dash take the stairs to a hallway where pony remains lay and are now uneasy again as they move through. In the dark, Rarity is starting to wonder if the castle even wants her expertise but Angel is nowhere to be found. Rarity finds a hole that ends up going through the wall to the other side, where Rainbow Dash is walking by and RD finds that Applejack isn't near her at all.
RD, Rarity and Applejack all freak out at what they experienced but Fluttershy is convinced that what was felt was Angel but there's nothing there but a lever that takes them right where AJ and RD were.Rarity has had enough but Fluttershy protests that they haven't found Angel and worries where he might be but we see him well fed with Spike and Twilight.
Down below, as they pass by, AJ and RD hear an organ playing and even Spike hears something but Twilight dismisses it as noises from the castle due to age. While searching, Rarity finds the perfect castle ornaments to restore and attempts to take one off its resting place while Fluttershy continues her search. RD and AJ find themselves near pony knight armor and with a note from the organ, AJ disappears as does Rarity.
AJ finds herself at the castle's ledge high above the ground while Angel gets another bowl of carrots. Rarity, now all scratched up, is not liking what she sees and is determined to restore that ornament. Fluttershy gets the shock of her life as she searches for Rarity while RD finds herself under a heap of pony knight armor. AJ returns to find no sign of RD. Rarity tumbles into another room and is convinced that she's in the most ungrateful castle ever.
She backs up in fear and meets with RD, Fluttershy and Rarity, before everyone scatters in different directions. Rarity was only trying to restore an ornament but it lands on top of her while AJ brings down a support column that lands on where Fluttershy thinks is Angel. Their cries are heard and Spike and Twilight discover their friends in a frenzy and quickly brings everyone to a calmer state before everyone explains why they're here. Fluttershy finds Angel unharmed and Twilight sets things straight (funny how you believed Nightmare Moon's tale but not this one as it was Spike that said that was an old pony's tale).
They move as a group to find the source of the music and end up in a room where a dark figure is playing and Twilight walks up to discover Pinkie Pie is responsible. Pinkie Pie only had to ring the bell for five minutes and thought of throwing a party but everyone was running away until now, where they can be for another party. The group find a place to chat and Twilight wasn't scared as reading Celestia's diary allowed her to relate.
Twilight gets an idea to have all of them write their own diary to learn from each other and have others in the future learn what they learned but RD and AJ are still tied for most daring pony. It was silly of them to think there was such a think as the Pony of Shadows......or was it?