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 MLP FiM Season 6 Episode Summaries

To Where and Back Again (2)
Episode 26 Trixie and Starlight arrive at the Changelings' hive and finds it's still just as dangerous as the changelings themselves.
To Where and Back Again (1)
Episode 25 Starlight Glimmer is invited to her old village and opts to take Trixie along with her but the nightmares along the way are not helping Starlight relax and Discord is getting on Trixie's nerves.
Top Bolt
Episode 24 It's trials week at the Wonderbolts Academy but not everyone is on par with their skills.
Where the Apple Lies
Episode 23 After Apple Bloom conjures up a lie, Granny Smith shares a story about how Applejack wasn't always the honest pony she's known to be.
P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)
Episode 22 Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie are back from their trip but each has a different story to tell about why they're not speaking to each other. Can the stories be straightened out and will the trio make amends?
Every Little Thing She Does
Episode 21 Starlight Glimmer struggles to get a friendship lesson in for when Twilight returns so she takes matters into her own hooves.
Viva Las Pegasus
Episode 20 The Mane Six arrive at Las Pegasus where Flim and Flam have been up to their usual deeds but are they alone in this situation or is there something much bigger at work?
The Fault in Our Cutie Marks
Episode 19 The Cutie Mark Crusaders encounter a new griffon named Gabby but find it difficult to accept her wish to get a cutie mark.
Buckball Season
Episode 18 The Mane Six learn the game of Buckball but don't seem as thrilled until they actually get to playing.
Dungeons and Discord
Episode 17 Discord is left behind while the Mane Six head to Yakyakistan by Princess Celestia's request so he tries to make sure the train can't leave or that he can go along for the ride.
The Times They Are A Changeling
Episode 16 Twilight and Spike head to The Crystal Empire but find there's no one there to welcome them at all.
28 Pranks Later
Episode 15 Rainbow Dash goes on a pranking spree that ends up getting on everyone else's nerves.
The Cart Before the Ponies
Episode 14 The annual Applewood Derby is upon them and it's time to build the derby carts for both the parent and filly participating. However, coordination proves to be difficult for the teams.
Stranger than Fan Fiction
Episode 13 Rainbow Dash meets a fan of Daring Do but the duo find themselves getting into an argument.
Spice Up Your Life
Episode 12 Rarity and PInkie Pie are called to Canterlot by the map to deal with a problem at one of the restaurants.
Flutter Brutter
Episode 11 Fluttershy's brother pays Fluttershy and her family a visit but is anything but kind to any of them.
Applejack's "Day" Off
Episode 10 Applejack is finally given a day off but things come up throughout the day that have her day off seeming rather pointless.
The Saddle Row Review
Episode 9 Rartiy is greeted with the first negative review of her boutique's service in the newspaper so it's up to the Mane Six to find out the cause.
A Hearth's Warming Tail
Episode 8 Starlight Glimmer shows no interest in the tradition of Hearth's Warming so Twilight tells the story of how it all went down.
Newbie Dash
Episode 7 Rainbow Dash is now accepted as a Wonderbolts member to fill the role for one member of the team that gets injured. Can she fill the role the same way the injured one did?
No Second Prances
Episode 6 Starlight Glimmer is requiested by Twilight go make a new friend but the one she chooses is not one Twilight recommends.
Gauntlet of Fire
Episode 5 When Spike starts mysteriously glowing, it's up to the Mane Six to figure out why.
On Your Marks
Episode 4 The Cutie Mark Crusaders all have their cutie marks now and must decide what to do next but not everyone is listening.
The Gift of Maud Pie
Episode 3 Pinkie Pie and Rarity head to Manehattan so they can find gifts for Maud for the annual gift swap at sunset. Will they find a gift in time?
The Crystalling (2)
Episode 2 The Crystal Empire's treasured Crystal Heart lies in ruins so the residents work to find out how to put it back together.
The Crystalling (1)
Episode 1 The Mane Six struggle to decide whether to embark on the trip to the ceremony for Baby Flurry Heart but Starlight Glimmer is also worried about her friendship lessons.