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Episode 118 The Crytstalling (Part 1) Aired:
March 26 2016
We find Starlight Glimmer inside Twilight's castle and struggling to find the library in the maze of hallways and doors. She picks a door and catches Spike brushing his teeth but manages to find out she was a door away from the library. Once inside, Twilight is there to greet her and mention that she's been trying to figure out which lesson to start and doesn't dwell in the past. However, the organization is quite a process as Twilight is only on the As and the Bs pile is equally large, leaving Starlight Glimmer worried.
Since the process is so involved, Twilight suggests Starlight join the others in the Throne Room for when Cadence and Shining Armor arrive with the baby but the castle's massive size forces Starlight to ask for directions again. In the Throne Room, the ponies are discussing the event and whether to leave or wait for the invitation, even if they have no idea what it's really about and cannot really explain it to Starlight when she brings it up. All they know is a party, the baby and the Crystal Heart have something to do with it but Spike assures it's much more simple and isn't taken seriously when he boasts about his hero status.
However, Spike redeems himself with the story of the Crystalling using a pot resembling pottery of ancient times. It doesn't answer everything and Spike didn't get to do all the research that would've answered them. Back in the library, Twilight is still sorting when Starlight drops by to ask about the Crystal Empire and learns of her 3 possible friendship lessons. Unfortunately, one of them deals with the Crystal Empire, where Starlight's old friend Sunburst currently lives, putting Starlight on edge once again. When asked about it, Starlight shrugs it off and heads out, still unable to properly identify what's behind each door.
She finds Spike once again and explains her ordeal using a story about her past. Starlight figures that Sunburst is a great wizard now and is reluctant to tell him about her mayhem with time travel, nor does she want Twilight to think she isn't ready to learn. Twilight calls them over to share the pending Crystalling invitaiton and notes that the friendship lesson will indeed involve Starlight reuniting with Sunburst.  On board the train, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity have all provided items for the new baby but the trip is too perfect to hold off on a friendship lesson in the Crystal Empire.
Starlight breaks her problem to Twilight so Twilight shares her rather long list of steps to ensure things go as planned. As they get off, Twilight begins reciting what each step is but Shining Armor in her way and their conversation is cut short. However, Shining Armor is looking worse for wear and starts acting strangely before admitting he and Cadence have been behind in sleeping ever since Cadence had the baby. It seems clear that combining the lesson with the trip may not have been a good idea but Spike notes there may be a way to make it work anyway. Twilight decides to go with Shining Armor while Spike and Starlight head off to follow the list of steps, leaving Starlight still quite nervous.
Twilight is ready to go but Shining Armor cannot seem to stay awake. Inside the Crystal Empire, Starlight is less than thrilled about doing her lesson and tries to use Spike's story as a distraction. The inhabitants each help Starlight's questions get answered and assure it's a true story and much bigger than Spike is willing to admit.  It's enough proof for Starlight to want the whole story and refuses to let either of them move. Meanwhile, Twilight and the others have made their way to the room housing the new baby but Shining Armor's warning doesn't phase Twilight until she sees the new baby's wings and horn.
It's a mystery to all of them as it was previously thought they became an alacorn after a major accomplishment rather than be born one. Twilight and Rainbow Dash assure they have things covered but the baby shares a sneeze more powerful than they've ever seen before as a new hole is created several stories high in the process. With the crowd gathering, Cadence wonders if they should call off the event but Rainbow Dash assures it's nothing they can't handle. With that things press on but Twilight ends up waking up a snoozing Shining Armor, whom remembers the other things he has to do, putting him in a panic.
Twilight and Pinkie agree to look after the baby while the rest help Shining Armor with everything else but Shining Armor still can't stay awake very long. Meanwhile, Spike finishes telling his story of saving the Crystal Empire and isn't willing to share about the Friendship Games due to their important task at hand. With that, he autographs a picture for a fan before noting that Starlight shouldn't put off her fears as noted right in the long checklist they have acquired. The duo head off but when they reach the door, Starlight isn't thrilled to learn that their next thing on the list isn't knocking on the door.
In fact, they have to highlight the importance of the lesson, which Spike ends up doing anyway. Finally, Starlight gets to knock on the door but just when she's about to walk away, Sunburst answers the door but it takes some time before he remembers her. Regardless, the conversation ends up more awkward than friendly as the duo do their best to hide what they've really been up to since their last meeting. Their reunion is cut short as Sunburst ducks back inside so Spike brings Starlight back to the door as they have to at least bring up what Twilight wants to know. While Starlight resumes her awkward moment, Cadence, Celestia and Luna have gathered for an opening ceremony for the crowd.
Just behind the curtain, Shining Armor still isn't ready and Rainbow Dash suggests picking two that look the best, though lack of sleep makes even putting on the helmets difficult. Being a father has proven to be much more stressful than any of them could imagine and Shining Armor can't even make a decision over the identical crystal pieces. Rarity hopes Twilight and Pinkie Pie are having better luck but they're busy trying to keep the baby and her magic under control as Pinkie Pie has grappled onto the newborn while Twilight negates the random magical spurts. Over tea, Starlight and Sunburst try to catch up.
Starlight pours tea but gets too caught up in trying to cover up her past that she doesn't notice the overflowing tea cup and redirects the pressure to Sunburst. While Spike looks for a solution on his list, Shining Armor makes sure he looks his best as Cadence, Luna and Celestia arrive and reports that his tasks are done. They just need the baby, which arrives just when Shining Armor is about to panic again. Cadence separates the baby from her playmate but that upsets the baby and her cries are loud enough to shatter the Crystal Heart.
With the Crystal Heart in ruins, the Crystal Empire is on the verge of being buried by ice and snow thanks to the new storm.