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Episode 142 To Where and Back Again (Part 1) Aired:
October 22 2016
Inside Twilight's castle, Twilight, Starlight Glimmer and Spike are helping to move boxes of books as this is something Twilight had meant to do for a while but Spike has to be saved from a big fall when he struggles to carry his load. It's the least Starlight could do after all Twilight has done for her but Twilight down plays her efforts until Spike grabs their attention to a speck coming towards them from outside. As it turns out Derpy is flying in at high speed and crashes into the boxes before handing over a letter to Starlight.
While the letter has no danger to talk about, it's not reassuring to Starlight as she finds out it's invitation to her old village for the Sunset Festival. Starlight arrives at the old village just as decorations are up but remains quite nervous about the others' pending reactions. She greets them nicely but finds out they were never thinking she'd actually come and ignore that she apologized before laughing at her until she gets upset. The crowd disappears and Luna comes out to remind her that she's dreaming. Furthermore, Starlight's feelings are real and Starlight realizes she's more afraid to visit the old village than previously thought so Luna suggests to share feelings with the others before assuring that things will improve and flying away.

Starlight awakens to a still dark and moon-filled sky, wondering whether to actually share her feelings with her friends. Her friends have gathered around the map table as Starlight shares her story but Rarity needs more information and the others assure that it's nothing to worry about given how things have changed since then. For extra advice, Twilight suggests taking a friend along but Starlight has a different friend in mind than Twilight herself. Trixie approves of being invited but Twilight has to force herself to smile as she intended to be the one to go with Starlight Glimmer on the journy.
Starlight doesn't think they'll stay the entire week of the festival but Trixie notes that time sure flies when having fun and the duo head off, causing the others to wave goodbye. The duo arrive and Trixie learns the whole story in about 10 seconds before agreeing to back up Starlight should things go wrong. With that, they head down the hill into the village and are greeted with a warm welcome from the villagers. However, each pony has a request for Starlight to fine tune and choose but Starlight isn't really interested and would much rather enjoy the events as they unfold. The others don't listen and crowd Starlight with their requests, leaving Starlight to intervene and force everyone around her away.
Trixie helps out too by allowing the two of them to make their escape in a puff of smoke. Once away from the village, Starlight has regrets about leaving so quickly but she never anticipated to be put in charge again. Trixie suggests to just look past it and pretend it never happened, which allows Starlight to feel somewhat better. They arrive back in Ponyville where Pinkie Pie is first to speak to them but not in her usual manner. In fact, the conversation goes over awkwardly and is abruptly cut short, leaving Starlight confused. Applejack and Rarity aren't any more reassuring when they laugh at her for running away.
Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash interrupt their fits of laughter to escort them away on "important friendship business" while Starlight goes to talk to Twilight. Starlight races to the castle entrance but finds it basically locked with Spike unwilling to let her in without an appointment. Luckily, Twilight lets her in, blaming Spike's rudeness on lack of eating but Spike isn't buying it and walks away. Regardless, Starlight explains her situation but finds Twilight behaving just as strangely as the others. Rainbow Dash cuts the conversation short as she summons Twilight and Spike to the room with the map.
That night, Starlight feels what she was told isn't the right information from Twilight and heads off to sleep, having an identical dream to the one she had the night before only this time, it's worse as her old friends aren't even willing to look at her and Mane Six arrive, angry that she came back when she was told not to. Starlight knows it wasn't right and when Luna appears, Starlight learns of trouble in reality where Luna and Celestia are being held captive by the changelings. Luna is taken away and Starlight awakens, realizing that the changelings are back. Starlight heads out into the night to find Trixie too deep into her dream to be awakened.

After two attempts, she gets Trixie awake but not before an inadvertant fireworks display that leaves Trixie in need of fresh air. Trixie isn't worried about the others, assuring they can deal with it in the morning but Starlight refuses to accept that and drags Trixie out of her carriage to make sure she's not a changeling by reciting the one thing she said never to mention to another pony. Fortunately, Trixie recites it and it's enough proof for Starlight to trust her and she tells Trixie her theory, which comes as a great shock to Trixie.
Trixie suggests they tell Twilight but if Starlight is right, it may be too late for that. They sneak into the castle and find an open door where the Mane Six reside as they use Spike for target practice and other antics. The four pieces are put into place and Queen Chrysalis appears but cannot stand to see them like the Mane Six so the changelings revert to their normal forms. The changelings report that their plan is going just as they intended and Queen Chrysalis also reports good news regarding the two princesses, leaving Trixie and Starlight horrified.
Worse still, the changelings are now all confident they cannot be stopped but Starlight moves the door loudly enough that the changelings hear it and change back into ponies before starting their hunt.However, they struggle to find Trixie or Starlight as they've magically hidden themselves among the decorations. Twilight pauses to follow a scent she picks up but despite coming right up to Starlight and Trixie, she fails to find them and walks away.
Trixie needs air so the duo teleport outside where they learn that it won't do any good to head to the Crystal Empire from Thorax. Trixie cannot help but freak out over the encounter so Starlight keeps Trixie's screaming muted before sorting out whether Thorax is good or not and notices Thorax's new wings. Once Starlight finds out Thorax is telling the truth, she releases Trixie.
Getting acquainted isn't enough for Trixie to relax so she suggests Thorax stay back for a while. Thorax agrees before explaining the reasoning behind what he said earlier. None of them have any ideas but Discord overhears them discussing the matter and is able to prove that he's not a changeling but is most intrigued to know where Fluttershy is. Discord teleports them to a forest and realizes that his time with Fluttershy wasn't going to happen but Thorax has a good idea where everyone is but none of them have any idea what to do next.