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 MLP FiM Season 7 Episode Summaries

Shadow Play (2)
Episode 26 With the guardians of the relics freed, so is the Pony of Shadows and now things only get tougher for Twilight as not even Star Swirl the Bearded trusts her word.
Shadow Play (1)
Episode 25 Mysteries surrounding an ancient landmark called Ponehendge leads Twilight wanting answers, so she calls upon the very individuals that guard the relics they're studying.
Uncommon Bond
Episode 24 Starlight's relationship with Sunburst is strained when Twilight and Sunburst prove to have much more in common with each other than she does with him.
Secrets and Pies
Episode 23 Rainbow Dash does everything she can to avoid eating the pies Pinkie Pie gives her. This leads Pinkie Pie to investigate why.
Once Upon a Zepplin
Episode 22 The ponies take a cruise on board an airship but things get out of control as the pilot is spreading lies about Twilight using the landmarks they pass over.
Marks and Recreation
Episode 21 The Cutie Mark Crusaders and other fillies attend the Cutie Mark Day Camp but not everyone is satisfied with their current talents.
A Health of Information
Episode 20 Zecora gets sick after encountering a mysterious flower and now it's up to Fluttershy to find the cure despite none being found.
It Isn't the Mane Thing About You
Episode 19 After getting her mane and tail messed up thanks to Pinkie Pie's celebration string, Rarity pays Zecora a visit and mistakenly picks the wrong vile on her way out.
Daring Done?
Episode 18 Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie set out to see Daring Do when the newspaper suggests she (and her actual name A.K. Yearling) is retiring.
To Change a Changeling
Episode 17 Trixie and Starlight return to the Changelings' hive to try and get the others to folow Thorax's lead but find one is particularly stubborn.
Campfire Tales
Episode 16 The Mane Six go on a camping trip but have difficulty having a simple picnic when the native pests arrive.
Triple Threat
Episode 15 Things get out-of-control when Spike invites both Ember and Thorax to the same event on the same day.
Fame and Misfortune
Episode 14 When Twilight agrees to make copies of her book with the friendship lessons inside, things get out-of-hoof when the books are being sold on the market.
The Perfect Pear
Episode 13 After Apple Bloom brings home a jar of jam home, she is met with the story regarding a feud between their family and the Pears years ago.
Discordant Harmony
Episode 12 Discord is unable to wait a week for the next tea party so he opts to host one at his house the next day but struggles to find the necessary items to make it work.
Not Asking for Trouble
Episode 11 Pinkie Pie and Gummy head over to Yakyakistan for their annual Yickslover Fest but finds the festivities to be less-than-friendly.
A Royal Problem
Episode 10 When the map calls Twilight to Canterlot Castle, she finds Princess Celestia and Luna with totally different atmospheres.
Honest Apple
Episode 9 Applejack is designiated a judge in Rarity's fashion show contest but takes her honesty too far when giving her views on the designs.
Hard to Say Anything
Episode 8 Big Macintosh's romance with Sugar Belle is tested when a 2nd pony also shows feelings for her.
Parental Glidance
Episode 7 Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash pay a visit to Rainbow Dash's parents but find they're taking things a bit too far when it comes to support.
Forever Filly
Episode 6 Rarity struggles to do the day-to-day chores at her boutique as her lack of Sweetie Belle makes her unable to keep her emotions  in check.
Fluttershy Leans In
Episode 5 When Angel injures himself during a stunt, Fluttershy takes him to see the veterenarian but finds they have their own laundry list of animals in need of care.
Rock Solid Friendship
Episode 4 Pinkie Pie's friendship with Maud is stressed when she constantly checks back on Maud and her way of life.
A Flurry of Emotions
Episode 3 Twilight is asked to watch Baby Flurry Heart while Princess Cadence and Shining Armor visit the Pop-Out Art Museum for a much-needed break but Baby Flurry Heart proves to be quite the hoofull.
All Bottled Up
Episode 2 Starlight Glimmer uses a bottle to keep her fits of rage in check but when the bottle breaks, chaos ensues.
Celestial Advice
Episode 1 Twilight seeks Princess Celestia's help on where to go with Starlight next and then realizes that it's the same path she was given before she moved to Ponyville.