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 MLP FiM Season 2 Episode Summaries

A Canterlot Wedding (2)
Episode 26 Queen Chrysalis has fooled everyone into believeing she was Princess Cadence while the real Princess Cadence stayed trapped down below. Twilight races to free her but can they return above ground and stop Queen Chrysalis from ruining the wedding?
A Canterlot Wedding (1)
Episode 25 It's time for Twilight's childhood pony and brother to get married but this does not go well with Twilight as she was not informed of the situation previously. Making matters worse, Twilight has suspicions regarding Princess Cadence but they're all ignored.
Mmmystery on the Friendship Express
Episode 24 When three of the giant treats on board the Friendship Express are bitten into, it's up to those on board to figure out who's responsible.
Ponyville Confidential
Episode 23 Diamond Tiara is put in charge of the town newspaper Foal Free Press but has no regard for anyone's feelings and will say and do anything to keep The Cutie Mark Crusaders under her power.
Hurricane Fluttershy
Episode 22 Rainbow Dash works to train the pegasai of Ponyville to create a storm that brings water to Ponyville. However, Fluttershy lacks the confidence to be successful and causes problems for the rest of the group.
Dragon Quest
Episode 21 Spike wants to know where he came from but there's very little information in any of Twilight's books so the group agree to go with Spike to the great Dragon Migration but must keep themselves in disguise.
It's About Time
Episode 20 Twilight encounters her future self but has so many questions that she fails to listen to the urgent message her future self has to tell her.
Putting Down Your Hoof
Episode 19 After being pushed around all this time, Fluttershy decides to take advice from a minotaur named Iron Will and takes it too far.
A Friend In Deed
Episode 18 Pinkie Pie encounters a donkey that isn't the least bit happy despite all of Pinkie Pie's best efforts. Can she turn his frown into a smile?
Hearts and Hooves Day
Episode 17 The Cutie Mark Crusaders work to get Mrs. Cheerilee a special pony for Hearts and Hooves Day but it's proving much more difficult than they anticipated.
Read it and Weep
Episode 16 After injuring her wing and ending up in the hospital, Rainbow Dash finds herself enjoying Twlight's Daring Do books but struggles to keep it a secret after what she told Twilight earlier.
Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
Episode 15 When cider proves to be in constant short supply, a devious duo called Flim and Flam arrive to help settle the matter and end up stealing the show.
The Last Roundup
Episode 14 Applejack struggles to cope with the fact that her efforts to compete in the Derby haven't made her the success she was hoping to be.
Baby Cakes
Episode 13 Pinkie Pie agrees to watch over Mr. and Mrs. Cakes' newborn twins but finds them much more of a hassle than she bargained for.
Family Appreciation Day
Episode 12 Apple Bloom has to deal with the wackiness of Granny Smith as she is required to be with her on her errands.
Hearth's Warming Eve
Episode 11 Things prove difficult to get the annual Hearth's Warming Eve play underway.
The Secret of My Excess
Episode 10 It's Spike's birthday and Spike requests a gift from everyone he encounters but things soon get out of control.
Sweet and Elite
Episode 9 Rartiy struggles to fit in with the residents of Canterlot when they find out she's from Ponyville.
Mysterious Mare-Do-Well
Episode 8 Rainbow Dash lets the good deeds go to her head and finds herself facing a mysterious pony that is beating her to the punch at every opportunity.
May the Best Pet Win
Episode 7 With the rest of the Mane Six already having a pet, Rainbow Dash wants one of her own but finds it difficult to choose one, even with Fluttershy's help.
Cutie Pox
Episode 6 Apple Bloom faces a crisis when she gets sick with Cutie Pox, a disease that gives you not only multiple cutie marks but multiple talents as well.
Sisterhooves Social
Episode 5 Sweetie Belle struggles with the relationship of her sister Rarity due to a disagreement of how they behave for the upcoming event.
Luna Eclipsed
Episode 4 After 1000 years of imprisonment and returning to life as she once new it, Luna struggles to fit in with the other ponies in town.
Lesson Zero
Episode 3 Twilight becomes frightened that she hasn't done what Princess Celestia had told her to do, submit friendship problems and franctically struggles to make one happen.
The Return of Harmony (2)
Episode 2 With everyone else now corrupted by Discord, Twilight now has to find a way out of the mess they're in and that includes restoring her friends to normal.
The Return of Harmony (1)
Episode 1 Residents of Ponyville face a new threat that has a different way of causing havoc.