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Episode 27  The Return of Harmony (Part 1) Aired:
September 17 2011
On a field trip, Cheerilee is showing them various areas of Ponyville and has to call the CMCs' attention away from arguing and back to the tour. They arrive at a draconiqus  (if I spelt and heard that right) statue and another argument between the CMCs begins as they try to decipher its meaning (which I'd have to say unity works here since it's multiple animal parts joined as one) and ends up spiraling into a fight amongst them in the ever-popular concealing dust cloud but is quickly brought to an end by Cheerilee once more but not before the statue's "heart" begins beating. She tells them it represents discord and assigns them an essay explaining it since they demonstrated it so well. The other classmates snicker and they head off while the statue's stone structure cracks and utters a snicker of its own.
(If you're wondering about the old intro being there like I was, according to another Twitter tweet by Daniel Ingram himself (whom I'm guessing does the music), the new intro and theme will not take place until episode 3 as for whatever reason this and the next episode are both actually part of season 1.) Up in the sky, Rainbow Dash is trying to corral what she finds out is cotton candy that ends up dropping rain despite Rainbow Dash's protest. Applejack isn't understanding the sudden chocolate milk rain shower either and is told that bizarre weather is all over Equestria (while the ground is being covered in popcorn from the corn stalks).
Pinkie Pie can't understand why they'd want the strange weather to stop while munching on popcorn but before she can get a reply, Rarity arrives, asking if there's something she can do without getting wet or dirty. Neither of them get another word out before the apples on the trees expand to such a size the trees can't take and simply bend over. Animals take a bite of them and are turned into equally bizarre long-legged things, leaving Fluttershy baffled. Twilight arrives, assuring them she's learned a new spell that'll fix everything. When it has no effect she gives the others a job that only Pinkie Pie is literally left out of as twice in a row she is separated from her beloved cotton candy cloud (though there's still room after the long-legged animals arrive).
 Just when they've gotten everything more or less under control, Spike belches out another letter from Celestia ordering them all inside Equestria's castle right away.
Inside, Celestia literally puts Twilight's many questions to rest by telling of an old foe she thought she defeated long ago named Discord that is no longer under the spell because she and Luna aren't connected to the Elements of Harmony anymore. Twilight naturally agrees to the challenge but after the vault and the box containing the EoH are opened, there are no EoH so Pinkie Pie heads back into the cotton candy cloud mess. Discord makes himself known and shares his knowledge of Twilight and her friends before Pinkie Pie laughs over him standing on Twilight's stained glass head and Celestia's order to stop stalling.
He tells them in a riddle, which Twilight figures out is the Palace Labyrinth. At the labyrinth's entrance, Rainbow Dash figures Discord forgot about their abilities but when he tries to fly over, his wings disappear, followed by the others' "elements" soon after. Discord appears, explaining both rules of his game before disappearing again. They agree to work together but labyrinth walls rise up separating them from each other. Twilight says to regroup in the center ASAP but Fluttershy remains spooked at the beginning as the others dart off.

Applejack finds three apples that end up merging with apples on the trees to become the Keepers of the Gruel Truth, three talking piles of apples that state one question can be asked but it may not be what they like. AJ tells herself that she doesn't trust them but is worried so she makes her question known to the apple piles. She's terrified by what she sees in the pond's reflection but we see that Discord is controlling the piles via strings. The piles make one final statement (aided by Discord) and AJ undergoes a spell.
Twilight arrives and despite AJ's strange behavior, tells herself AJ couldn't and wouldn't lie. (It's amazing how cartoon characters never recognize their friends by voice or when they undergo a change that should've told them something was wrong but they don't see it and while Twilight
did sense something was off, she didn't follow through with it). Pinkie Pie finds herself in an area with balloons that laugh at her once she lands in the (presumably) chocolate rain puddle.
Faking feeling sorry for Pinkie Pie, Discord, as a balloon, turns Pinkie Pie into a total jerk and now Twilight getting worried. Meanwhile, Rarity finds herself with a rocky wall with three diamonds on it. Despite her early resistance, she caves and insists it's a diamond despite Twilight seeing its true form as a boulder (A rock is Rarity's destiny after all). Elsewhere, Fluttershy finds some butterflies (with Discord's horn and...antler?) but isn't convinced by any of their lies so he turns her under his spell by himself.
Twilight arrives with her not-so-friendly others only to find Fluttershy just as not-so-friendly if not more so as she delivers not only an obnoxious attitude but a literal slap to the face with her tail (which must be rigid to actually make that noise). Next in the train of lies is Rainbow Dash, whom was just chasing a cloud designed as her cutie mark is shown a vision of Cloudsdale crumbling before being put under the same spell. Back with Twilight, she's carrying the boulder she earlier helped Rarity (whom seems to be the least affected by the spell) move when she found her. AJ points out that RD is leaving and sure enough that's what's going on but it's only partially what's going on as the maze walls collapse and Discord says they broke the rule of no magic or wings and gives them back their powers (cheating much?) It looks like there will be a storm of chaos!