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 MLP FiM Season 3 Episode Summaries

Magical Mystery Cure
Episode 13 Twilight decides to finish Star Swirl the Bearded's spell and ends up swapping everyone's cutie marks, leaving the entire group to struggle doing what comes natural to the original cutie mark's owner.
Games Ponies Play
Episode 12 As a tie-in to the events of "Just for Sidekicks", The Mane Six head off to the Equestria Games but struggle to find the Games Inspector due to identical baggage.
Just for Sidekicks
Episode 11 Spike needs gems for his cake recipe and decides to do chores for others with gems being the payment in return. However, he finds  it much more difficult than he imagined.
Keep Calm and Flutter On
Episode 10 Princess Celestia decides to free Discord from his statue prison with the confidence that they can perhaps use his magic for good but Discord isn't willing to behave.
Spike at Your Service
Episode 9 Spike decides to become a servant of sorts to the Mane Six, whether they like it or not.
Apple Family Reunion
Episode 8 Babs reunites with Apple Bloom but the duo struggle to catch up on the news they've been eager to share due to all the events taking place.
Wonderbolts Academy
Episode 7 Rainbow Dash is teamed up with Lightning Dust,  a pony that proves to have little regard for safety.
Sleepless in Ponyville
Episode 6 Scootaloo becomes so terrifed from the campfire stories that she can't fall asleep for fear that she'll have nightmares about it.
Magic Duel
Episode 5 Trixie gets her hooves on a magical amulet and proceeds to battle Twilight's magic with it. Who will come out on top?
One Bad Apple
Episode 4 Apple Bloom's cousin Babs Seed pays her a visit but proves to be less-than-friendly so The Cutie Mark Crusaders struggle to deal with their new bully.
Too Many Pinkie Pies
Episode 3 Pinkie Pie finds herself wishing to be in multiple places at once and decides to duplicate herself using the special pond in The Everfree Forest but things get way out-of-hoof.
The Crystal Empire (2)
Episode 2 The threat is revealed as King Sombra, whom is causing havoc in town. With Shining Armor's magic pretty much disabled, it's up to the other residents to stop him.
The Crystal Empire (1)
Episode 1 Twilight gets to know Princess Cadence a bit more as she and her friends travel to the Crystal Empire, where Princess Cadence and many others live. However, a dark individual attacks the area with crystals of their own. How will the residents respond?