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Episode 144 Celestial Advice Aired:
April 15 2017
We find Spike at the door before knocking on it. Answering it is Starlight Glimmer, whom assures she's ready for the big ceremony happening that day. However Twilight appears inside, seemingly hard at work for something, leading to a somewhat awkward conversation between them. Starlight catches on that something has caught Spike's attention but Spike turns her attention back to him to make up a story about a spider that had been there but left.
Spike darts back to Twilight and it is revealed that the big secret is a gift to Starlight  and Twilight hopes it's exactly what she thinks its meant to be. The present is a special mirror similar to Twilight's own and there's no need to worry about getting the castle ready for the ceremony as Pinkie Pie has it ready in seconds. At the ceremony, Twilight has a brief speech that commends everyone for their help in stopping Queen Chrysalis but Discord is too excited about himself and blurts it out to Starlight's amusement.
As a reward, Princess Celestia gives them each a necklace dubbed the Equestria Pink Hearts of Courage, though Thorax has trouble getting his on right away, even with Luna's help.  Later, at the party, while DJPON3 gets the music going, Trixie boasts that she was enitrely behind stopping Chrysalis but Discord makes another correction that has Starlight giggling once more. As others react to their victory, Celestia comes over to chat with Twilight about how it feels knowing their student performed as intended.
Discord on the other hand doesn't feel that Twilight's 3 years worth of lessons is an adequate plan for Starlight and bursts out laughing when Twilight states it. With no other plan to fall back on, Twilight is left quite nervous while Starlight asks Thorax about how he's gotten used to his new kingdom. Things are proving to be rather overwhelming for Thorax but they're adjusting as a whole. Just then, Discord appears and takes Starlight to Twilight to learn all about the supposed future plans Twilight has ready for her. 
Twilight falsely assures she has one but luckily Trixie brings Discord and Starlight away to get pictures taken. It isn't long before Discord returns n a tea cup, already fully aware that Twilight is making the announcement during the party. With that, he heads off to tell others despite Twilight's protest. Spike enters a room where Twilight's scrolls for Starlight are stockpiled and finds Twilight sifting through them to find a lesson worth teaching. Spike wants a clue as to what's going on but Twilight gets an idea and calls in Celestia to the cutie mark map.
It soon becomes clear to Twilight that what Celestia had done for her, she must do for Starlight and that means sending her away. However, it's up to her to make that decision so Twilight heads to the map table to make that decision. Meanwhile, Discord has brought up to the news to the others but it seems strange that Twilight wouldn't bring it up to them first. The ponies have faith in Twilight to have a plan as she'd always had one previously. Back at the map table, Twilight's first idea is to send her to the Changeling Kingdom to help move things along and we get a vision of how it might play out.
Things look promising until Twilight realizes the risk involved with only one changeling to deviate from the rest. As a result, we get to see that part play out as well. Twilight's next fantasy takes Starlight to the dragons lair as Twilight figures Starlight and Ember would become great friends. Of course, the downside would be that most dragons don't like ponies as a whole so Twilight aborts the idea and picks again. However, like the past few fantasies, Twilight has doubts (and I'm disappointed this one wasn't an actual event).
It becomes clear to Twlight she may not hav ethe courage to send Starlight anywhere but Celestia bursts out laughing as she felt the exact same way when she was tutoring Twilight. We're taken into the past where the events began and get a bit of Celestia's worries regarding sending Twilight away, including her reasons to prevent Twilight from leaving at all. Celestia simply didn't want Twilight to leave but has realized that leaving doesn't mean they're through needing each other.
 With a few other suggestions, Twilight is ready to make the announcement with additional pressure from Discard. Twilight gets everyone else's attention to announce that Starlight is graduating from Twilight's teaching, something Starlight didn't expect but the crowd loves the decision anyway, all but Discord. With suggestions being thrown her way, Starlight opts to see Twilight instead and still isn't sure about the decision Twilight has made. However Starlight isn't ready to leave and Twilight isn't ready to send her anywhere anyway.
Twilight gives Starlight the gift and it brings Starlight to tears when it's explained. They'll always be there for each other and hug before Pinkie Pie does a speedy cleanup of the party.