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 MLP FiM Season 8 Episode Summaries

*There are currently no plans to create the full-length episode summaries for the episodes below.
School Raze (2)
Episode 26 With the Mane Six trapped in Tartarus with none other than Lord Tirek and no magical abilities, how will they escape and stop Cozy Glow's rampage?
School Raze (1)
Episode 25 Cozy Glow assits an outsider to try and leave the Mane Six trapped in Tartarus forever. Who is she working for and why?
Father Knows Best
Episode 24 Spike encounters an adult dragon that claims to be his father but his actions have him just making requests for others.
Sounds of Silence
Episode 23 Applejack and Pinkie Pie are called to the Peaks of Peril to settle a problem with the species of Kirin that refuse to talk to one another, or anyone else.
What Lies Beneath
Episode 22 When the students at Twilight's school worry about an upcoming exam, Cozy Glow only makes things worse before they find a light coming up from below.
A Rockhoof and a Hard Place
Episode 21 Rockhoof is driven away from his village after causing damage during an archeological dig. Now, he struggles to find any line of work in Ponyville and nothing seems to be working.
The Washouts
Episode 20 Rainbow Dash becomes fearful of Scootaloo's new obsession over The Washouts, another experienced flying team of ponies, when she finds out what stunts they do.
Road to Friendship
Episode 19 Starlight Glimmer's friendship with Trixie is put under stress when she and Trixie find themselves unwilling to tolerate each others' antics.
Episode 18 When Pinkie Pie obtains a world famous instrument from Yakyakistan, she decides to practice day in and day out, much to the aggrivation of other residents.
The End in Friend
Episode 17 Twilight uses Rarity and Rainbow Dash as an example of compromise but neither Rarity nor Rainbow Dash share the other's interests.
Friendship University
Episode 16 A new school opens up in Las Pegasus and it's up to Twilight and Rarity to uncover not only who's behind it but what the school is about.
The Hearth's Warming Club
Episode 15 With winter break just hours away, several students of Twilight's school face staying over winter break as punishment for the mess laid out before them.
A Matter of Principals
Episode 14 Starlight Glimmer is left in charge of the school while the Mane Six head far away from Ponyville on a quest from the Cutie Mark Map. Does Starlight have what it takes to run the school effectively?
The Mean 6
Episode 13 Queen Chrysalis is back with a diabolical plan to get revenge on Starlight Glimmer using evil copies of the Mane Six. Will she succeed?
Marks for Effort
Episode 12 The Cutie Mark Crusaders opt to enroll at Twilight's School of Friendship but are turned down because Twilight feels they've already completed everything. How will they enroll now?
Molt Down
Episode 11 Spike finds himself with unusual properties he's never had before and must discover whether it's a sign for the better or worse.
The Break Up Breakdown
Episode 10 Big Macintosh attempts to send a package to Sugar Belle but the package gets lost in the mail and the Cutie Mark Crusaders misinterpret what's going on.
Non-Complete Clause
Episode 9 Applejack and Rainbow Dash take the students on a field trip but can't even keep their quarrels to themselves.
The Parent Map
Episode 8 Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst are brought to Sunbursts' parents home to solve a dilemma between them that leaves Starlight and Sunburst caught in the middle.
Horse Play
Episode 7 Problems arise when Twilight decides to do a play to honor the anniversary of when Princess Celestia first raised the sun as Princess Celestia has an issue with performing.
Surf and/or Turf
Episode 6 The Cutie Mark Crusaders embark to Mount Aris, where the hippogriffs live to solve a friendship problem, only to get involved in one themselves.
Grannies Gone Wild
Episode 5 Rainbow Dash is anxious to ride the Wild Blue Yonder roller coaster at Las Pegasus but when dragged into a trip with three elderly ponies, she fears she won't be able to ride it before the park closes.
Fake It 'Til You Make It
Episode 4 When Rarity heads out to a fashion show in Canterlot, she puts Fluttershy in charge of the boutique but Fluttershy takes on a variety of personas to handle the situation, some not-so-kind to customers.
The Maud Couple
Episode 3 When Pinkie Pie learns that Maud is dating a male pony named Mudbrier, she struggles to understand what makes them into each other.
School Daze (2)
Episode 2 Twilight is facing the protest of Chancellor Naysayer, whom is not the least bit willing to allow Twilight's school. Can Twilight change his mind?
School Daze (1)
Episode 1 Twilight wants to open a new school for the new creatures to learn friendship lessons but not everyone is so thrilled about and Twilight learns of who controls what is accepted.