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 MLP FiM Season 1 Episode Summaries

The Best Night Ever
Episode 26 The night of the Grand Galloping Gala has arrived but the Mane Six find out the hard way that things were not as they thought it would be.
Party of One
Episode 25 Pinkie Pie becomes suspicious when her friends are all avoidng her. Only Spike is willing to help out but not in the way Pinkie Pie wants.
Owl's Well that Ends Well
Episode 24 When Twilight gets a new pet owl, Spike becomes jealous that it's taking over his duties and tries to frame it for crimes it didn't commit.
Cutie Mark Chronicles
Episode 23 The Cutie Mark Crusaders want to know how each of the Mane Six got their cutie marks but provide mixed reactions regarding the stories.
A Bird in the Hoof
Episode 22 Fluttershy is asked to take care of Princess Celestia's prized pet phoenix but finds it difficult to even give it the necessities.
Over a Barrel
Episode 21 The Mane Six take the train to Appleloosa to see his cousin Braeburn but find that there's much more going on than they anticipated.
Green Isn't Your Color
Episode 20 Fluttershy faces a barrage of pony papperazi that want photos of her but it's not the attention Fluttershy had ever intended to receive.
A Dog and Pony Show
Episode 19 Rarity is being forced to dig for gemstones by a trio of dogs. Can she win them over with her charm or will she be forced to get her hooves dirty for the rest of her life?
Show Stoppers
Episode 18 Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are going to perform in the school talent show but practice isn't exactly making perfect.
Stare Master
Episode 17 In the Everfree Forest, the Mane Six discover a unique creature called a cockatrice that will turn any individual to stone of they look at it in the eyes. Can the Mane Six either defeat it or steer clear of its mystical powers?
Sonic Rainboom
Episode 16 Rainbow Dash must do the impossible, a Sonic Rainboom but has trouble getting it started and the bullies from her past make her feel even worse.
Feeling Pinkie Keen
Episode 15 Pinkie Pie gets a new sensation about what's to come and Twilight refuses to believe a word of it or any evidence that it's true.
Suited for Success
Episode 14 The Mane Six need Rarity to make them dresses for the Grand Galloping Gala but Rarity has hard time getting things exactly as the ponies want.
Fall Weather Friends
Episode 13 The annual Running of the Leaves is upon the Mane Six and Applejack and Rainbow Dash get in a very competitive mood.
Call of the Cutie
Episode 12 At Ms. Cheerilee's schoolhouse, the class of fillies is learning about cutie marks but when it's all over, two of them give Apple Bloom a hard time.
Winter Wrap-Up
Episode 11 It's time to rid Ponyville of all the snow but Applejack has a specific method to follow that forbids the use of any magic. How will Twilight be able to help out without using her magic?
Swarm of the Century
Episode 10 Residents of Ponyville face an epidemic of insects when Fluttershy takes one of them home from The Everfree Forest. How will they get rid of them?
Bridle Gossip
Episode 9 A cloaked figure appears before the Mane Six and despite not knowing who they are or what they're like, all of them but Twilight and Apple Bloom fear that the individual is up to no good. 
Look Before You Sleep
Episode 8 The ponies have a sleepover but Twilight, whom has never done one before, wants to do it exactly by the book.
Episode 7 The ponies face an issue with what appears to be smoke but find it's a deadly dragon in a cave that won't be going quietly!
Boast Busters
Episode 6 A new pony named Trixie makes her prescence known but Twilight and the gang find her whole routine off-putting.
Griffon the Brushoff
Episode 5 Rainbow Dash's old pal Gilda makes a return to Ponyville but Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy have a run-in with her that doesn't go over well. Can the ponies change Gilda's attitude or will Rainbow Dash send Gilda packing?
Applebuck Season
Episode 4 Applejack must get the apples from all the apple trees in Sweet Apple Acres collected for Cider Season but with Big Macintosh out of action, how will Applejack do it on her own?
The Ticket Master
Episode 3 Twilight has two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot but all her friends want to go and are doing everything they can think of to try and convince her to take them.
Mare in the Moon (2)
Episode 2 The mysterious legend is revealed as Nightmare Moon and she plans to make the night eternal. Can Twilight and her friends stop her before it's too late?
Mare in the Moon (1)
Episode 1 Twilight Sparkle finds herself heading to Ponyville to make friends but finds a mysterious legend far more inviting. How will she be able to make friends and uncover the secrets behind the mysterios legend she's read about?