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Episode 14 Suited for Success Aired:
February 4 2011
At her house, Rarity is having a conversation with her cat Opal about her latest fashion designs but as you'd expect, the cat isn't interested but ends up taking part in certain tasks anyway. Her friends enter, as Twilight says Rarity is trying to concentrate but despite her own warning, she and Applejack ponder what is being made and that angers Rarity but she keeps her cool and asks what they want. Twilight says her dress for the Gala needs a button fixed but Rarity offers to make a new dress since she's disgusted with Twilight's current one and despite Twilight saying no, she changes her mind when Rarity won't take no for an answer.
 Applejack also agrees to have one made but without the "frou-frou". Rainbow Dash crashes through the ceiling, explaining that her latest trick backfired and that gives Rarity an idea. She decides to make Rainbow Dash a dress too and RD seems confused (either the crash caused this or she has short-term memory about the very thing she was coercing Twilight to take her to). Rarity decides to make a dress for all the others but AJ isn't so sure about this and reminds Rarity that each dress will have to be original. Rarity doesn't fear this at all and starts a song of how she'll do it. Afterwards, she invites them back in and they tell her that the dresses aren't what they had in mind so Rarity agrees to redo them and the others leave.

The moment the others are gone is when Rarity realizes she might be overdoing it. Nevertheless, she goes back to sewing when Fluttershy enters, asking why she was called over. Rarity shows her the redesign and while she says it's nice, "nice" wasn't the word Rarity was looking for and literally backs her to the wall and causing her to let out what she really thinks of the dress. Rarity is shocked at what she hears but once again goes to revise the dress designs, partially accompanied by another song. At last they're complete and Opal shows her detest over the new ones yet the others love them. Rarity is relieved to be done and is happy that the others are happy. Spike barges in, saying that Hoity Toity is coming to view Rarity's dresses but Rarity isn't too thrilled. Later that night at the "fashion show", Rarity tries to remain calm but isn't fairing too well as the DJ pony gets the music going. Spike announces the appearance of the ponies in their new dresses and when they come out, Applejack figures they might've over done it a little bit. Everyone hates it, especially HT, whom ridicules them being strung together with everything but the kitchen sink (which Rarity quietly pushes aside).
Rarity takes her walk of shame while the others, still on the end of the "runway" know their show was a bust. A few days later, Pinkie Pie and the other arrive at Rarity's door begging her to come out but Rarity refuses, saying she's become a laughing stock. Pinkie Pie fears she'll become Crazy Cat Lady in time. One of them (it isn't clear who but I figure it's probably Twilight) gets an idea. Inside her house, while she ponders what to do in exile, she hears Opal meowing coming from outside so she darts out to save her only to discover Rainbow Dash is behind this.
The others show their own dress created with Fluttershy's (apparently) good sewing skills. At first, Rarity gives the hint that she doesn't like it but she really means that she loves it but her career is still ruined and that gives Twilight an idea. HT is treated to another fashion show as one by one, the ponies march out and HT is delighted by each of them, figuring it cannot be the same designer. When it finishes, he demands to know who is responsible and when she is, he asks if he can show the work to Best of the Best Boutique in Cantalot after Twilight recites her letter to Celestia about the day's lessons. Rarity is delighted until she hears that she must make 12 dresses by the following Tuesday.