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Episode 1 Mare in the Moon (Part 1) Aired:
October 10 2010
Right out of the gates, we are greeted with a story of 2 ponies that rose the sun and moon respectively until the younger of the two turned on her older sister and became known as Nightmare Moon from her bitterness but she was sealed away in the moon by her older sister with the Elements of Harmony. A purple unicorn pony finishes off the story, claiming to have heard of the Elements of Harmony before but cannot recall where. The new intro that follows reveals that this pony has other friends and looks like a familiar baby dragon is in this too along with a white unipeg (unicorn-pegasus pony hybrid). Turns out that the purple pony's first name is Twilight and she has other friends but when asked to go hang out, she says she has studying to do and as she darts off, her friends chat about the possibility that all she does is study. Twilight races past two other ponies on a bridge and into another building, plowing into whom we recognize as Spike, who lands on the floor, briefly dazed from the impact.
She orders him to find a copy of Predictions and Prophecies (which I presume is a book of some kind), then asks about the gift now impaled on Spike's tail. Spike says it was to be a gift for Moondancer but is told by Twilight that they don't have time for that now, yet he insists that he's on break. Apparently Twilight has the power of levitating other objects but none of the books she brings to herself are what she's looking for. Spike finds it and falls to the floor, along with the rest of the books. Twilight finds the page for Elements of Harmony but it refers her to a page on Mare in the Moon, which Spike says is an old pony's tale. Twilight reaches the page and it says the exact same thing as the story we heard about in the first minute or two of the episode. Spike, meanwhile is putting books on the shelf  but they aren't cooperating and he tumbles onto Twilight's back.
She tells Spike to write a note to the princess but Spike gets hung up on spellings of certain words. As Spike writes, Twilight passes an hour glass from 4:42 to 4:45 into the episode, with some kind of pony statue in the background that ominously changes to Nightmare Moon. (Not necessarily a mistake or anything but I felt like pointing it out because it is an interesting snippet there). Note that after she passes the hour glass at 4:45 into the episode, the statue is back to normal. She finishes the note by letting us know she's the princess' faithful student and her last name Sparkle is spoken. Spike asks if he should send it now, explaining that Princess Celstia (presumably the pony Twilight Sparkle mentions in her letter) is busy with the Summer Sun Celebration, which is the day after tomorrow, which, as Twilight adds, is also the thousandth year of the SSC and it's very important that PC get it right away.
Spike sends the letter literally in a breath and off it goes as he warns Twilight not to hold her breath. Twilight says that PC has never once doubted her and on that note, a response to the letter is made and it literally comes out Spike's mouth as a belch. Spike reads the letter aloud and Twilight is shocked to hear that PC wants her to stop reading those books. Spike reads the rest of the letter as it explains why they're now riding a carriage in mid-air and tells that Twilight's task must make some friends and they're being sent to the location of the SSC, Ponyville. He then asks if being sent to a library makes her happy and it does, She decides to check on preparations ASAP, then for proof at the library of Nightmare Moon's return. So when will she make friends? Twilight insists that her duty doesn't rest on making friends. Twilight finds a pink pony but after she says "Hello" to the other pony, the other pony gasps and darts off as Twilight remarks at how interesting the event was (more weird than interesting but I can agree with TS here).

A little later, Spike recites the first of the SSC Checklist and they greet another pony, Applejack, whom knocks apples from the tree with a kick from her rear hoofs and they all land in the respective baskets under the tree. She offers Twilight a free sample of their food and TS agrees, if it doesn't take too long and AJ announces that food is ready. Twilight is greeted to the entire apple family, including the food but when she wants to leave, Apple Bloom, a baby pony, asks if they want to stay for brunch and at first TS says no but agrees, after she gets an "aww" from the crowd.
After brunch ends, Twilight complains of eating too much pie as Spike says there should be a pegasus pony clearing the clouds. After Twilight remarks on what a lousy job this pegasus pony is doing, she is knocked into the mud by this same pony, whom is revealed to be Rainbow Dash.
RD tries to help out by bringing a rain cloud to dry TS off but it doesn't go over too well and neither does her special tornado-like dryer as she and Spike end up laughing about it. RD says she'll deal with the weather after she's done practicing for the Wonderfuls(at least I think that's what I heard RD say they were called), RD boasts that he could clear the sky in 10 seconds. and succeeds in doing so. She can't wait to hang out more with Twilight. Spike snickers at Twilight's new hairdo but says it's pretty once you get used to it.

At the Galloping Gala site, Spike and Twilight verify that the decorations are set and Spike finds himself in love with the white unicorn, who calls herself Rarity as she finds the perfect bow. Next, she decides to fix Twilight's hair, or at least her look but nothing is to her liking so she asks why Twilight is here and while she struggles to get part of the outfit, Twilight struggles to get her explanation out of her mouth and when Rarity hears that Twilight is from Cantalot (if I spelled that right), she wants to know all about it but Twilight wants out of the room before she gets dyed a different color. Back outside, Twilight and Spike find the last thing on their list, music and it's coming from several birds on tree branches with a yellow pegasus pony instructing them.
Twilight introduces herself but scares away all the birds. When she asks the yellow pegasus what her name is, the yellow pony quietly says it once but neither thing she says is clear enough for Twilight to hear. The birds return but the yellow pony has found interest in Spike, introducing herself as Fluttershy and is amazed to hear that Spike talks and wants to know everything that dragons talk about, much to the disappointment of Twilight as she carries him on her back. Finally, they arrive at (presumably) Twilight's house as Twilight gives the excuse that Spike must be taken to bed for being sleepy and Spike tries to protest that he's not tired and is knocked off Twilight's back, becoming annoyed. Fluttershy tries to take Spike inside but Twilight pushes her out and closes the door. Spike gives the completely understandable question to Twilight about how rude she was and Twilight explains that she must warn Princess Celestia that Nightmare Moon is coming and they're running out of time.
When they find the light switch, they discover that there's a party thrown by the pink pony they first met upon arrival in Ponyville and she says her name is Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie explains everything (a little too much too fast if you ask me) while Twilight gets a drink, only to discover that it's too hot for her to handle and she scurries off with Pinkie Pie mistaking that for being so happy that she's crying. Spike tries a little of the stuff that Twilight found too spicy on cupcakes, one of which Pinkie Pie tries and likes (fits her I guess since she's about as on fire with her dialogue). Upstairs, Spike enters wearing a lampshade, asking if Twilight wants to play Pin the Tail on the Pony but Twilight refuses, saying all the ponies are crazy (100% agree, Twilight, at least with Pinkie Pie).
Spike adds that each pony must stay up or they'll miss the rising sun (IRL, Spike, missing one sunrise isn't the end of the world). Spike leaves as Twilight rambles on about what Spike had said and of her current situation, then she partially gets into bed, only to see the moon and get out of bed, reciting the legend of Mare in the Moon. Not a second more after she recites the legend, Spike comes back up and says it's time to watch the sunrise. At the Galloping Gala, the mayor of Ponyville announces the start of the Summer Sun Celebration and the arrival of Princess Celestia, whom is nowhere to be found when Rarity pulls the curtain and as Twilight briefly glances at the moon to see the mare disappear and looks back at the stage worryingly. Pinkie Pie loves guessing games and starts searching while the mayor says for everyone to remain calm but is quickly spooked as a plume of blue smoke (if you will) appears.
Nightmare Moon has appeared and Spike faints off of Twilight's back as NM speaks of how long it's been since she's last seen their sunshine faces. Rainbow Dash demands to know what NM did with PC but before he/she can strike, Applejack has used his/her teeth to clamp onto RD's tail. Is Nightmare Moon not loyal enough for them? Don't they know who she is? Pinkie Pie takes this opportunity to guess (incorrectly) and AJ shoves food in her mouth to muffle her out. NM asks if any of them saw the signs or recalled the legend but only Twilight does. Twilight (for whatever reason, either from fear or from having a short attention span) cannot remember exactly why Nightmare Moon is here. NM tells the crowd to remember this day as it'll be their last. From here on out, Nightmare Moon declares that the night will last forever!