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Episode 92 The Cutie Mark Map (Part 1) Aired:
April 4 2015
Inside Twilight's new castle, while Spike sleeps, the others take their places on their thrones, causing the cutie marks on their thrones to light up. Twilight needs more clarification on why she got the new castle in the first place. However, all ponies are in their proper thrones and the cutie marks above them reveal a map and it's enough to wake Spike from his nap and get his approval. (They've added Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake and Mayor Mare to the intro.)
The cutie marks appear as a group and move to a different location on the map, leaving everyone confused. It's easy for the group to agree on going, all but Fluttershy, whom wants to stay with Spike until Spike brings up all the Hoofball talk he's doing with Big Macintosh and decides to go along as well. They board the Ponyville Express and are taken to the end of a track where they climb out, cross the bridge and find the place on the map.
They can't just walk in there without knowing why they were sent there in the first place and Pinkie Pie becomes first to check things out. When they finally are able to see the village as a whole, nothing looks even remotely special about it. While Fluttershy compliments on the town, Pinkie Pie has nothing to praise it for due to the seemingly forced smiles.
Worse still, they all have equals sign cutie marks. They head into town to find out what's going on and get a barrage of welcomes from the inhabitants.  One of them notes of Twilight's status and introduces himself as Double Diamond and his friend as Party Favor. Twilight asks about possible past trouble but they don't seem to have any memories of trouble there and take them to see town founder Starlight Glimmer.

 There's no one home when they enter a house but SG eventually makes herself known and gets to know Twilight and the gang before explaining a bit about their town.
Pinkie Pie remains skeptical as the group are taken on a tour in song. By the time the song ends, Rainbow Dash doesn't buy their story at all and Fluttershy says not to be rude but Pinkie Pie remains against what the villagers are doing. Nothing seems to be in need of help here but SG points out that perhaps The Mane Six were sent there to be helped. As she walks away, her words clearly spell out what's ahead. The group walks along and Rarity spots a fashion don't and walks away. They find a table and Rainbow Dash points out that everyone stares at them all the time, which is a perfect cause for them to to be rude.
While Pinkie Pie throws in a pathetic pun, a different pony comes out and is listening in before she reveals herself as Sugar Bell (or Belle) and serves only muffins. Faced with hunger and doubts, the group order twelve muffins as Pinkie Pie is quite hungry. The muffins are brought out and Sugar Bell is having trouble understanding why arguing ponies would still be friends. Pinkie Pie tries a muffin and has to fake her enjoyment but Sugar Bell is aware of her lack of baking skills. Before she bolts inside, she asks them to come inside before they leave.
With the feeling of being watched constantly in their minds, Twilight decides to just have them eat the muffins and act normally. However, to get everyone to follow with Applejack's plan, Pinkie Pie must eat all the muffins due to her strong stomach. It works but Pinkie Pie has had cardboard that tasted better (and actually ends up gaining weight as a result). They arrive where Sugar Bell requested and get a barrage of compliments and questions before learning the dilemma that is going on in the village regarding their cutie marks.
When they learn of the vault high in the caves, Twilight asks to see it and along the way, Twilight realizes why they're there before they arrive at the giant vault of cutie marks and learn about the Staff of Sameness before SG is suspicious on how the vault came up in the first place. Pinkie Pie says too much and that puts the gang in real trouble as the villager surround them to make sure word doesn't spread.

Realizing it's a trap, Twilight tries to escape but SG uses the staff to take off her cutie mark and add it into the vault, leaving Twilight on the ground with an equals sign cutie mark. The others soon get the same treatment and the group will be spending the rest of their lives learning how to deal without their cutie marks!