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Episode 105 Canterlot Boutique Aired:
September 12 2015
We find Rarity getting several rolls of fabric off of her shelf, then rushing to her window as if waiting for someone but is only disappointed and resumes her work. A ringing bell noise gets her excited but it's only Opal and her cat toy. However, Pinkie Pie drops by with alliterations and to share her awful cupcakes with Rarity. Furthermore, Rarity learns that a letter came for her that was going to be delivered by the mailpony but said mailpony felt sick after eating one of Pinkie Pie's baked bads and is finally not only given the letter but upon reading its contents, finds she's been greenlit for a boutique in Canterlot.
Too excited to contain herself, Pinkie Pie darts off. The next day, the rest of the Mane Six arrive to see Rarity's new boutique for themselves and approve of what Rarity has done. However, Rarity cannot take all the credit and introduces the group to Sassy Saddles, the pony that helped make it all possible. SS approves of the Mane Six and explains how she got things done, taking particular noting of Twilight's new status as princess.
Rarity is just about ready to present her line-up of dresses except one of them isn't quite up to her standards. Nevertheless, Sassy is not interested in Rarity's information and continues her explanation of her work. Twilight considers the next step in the process complete so Rarity, rather Sassy, opens the door to invite those eager to the boutique's grand opening. With everyone inside, SS asks if Rarity is ready to reveal her collection but Applejack and Rainbow Dash aren't so sure SS is really all that eager to reveal.
At last, the curtain is pulled back to reveal the dresses and the crowd is in awe but SS decides to take it further and parades the dresses around them. One by one, the dresses are revealed, with help from SS and the crowd adores them but when Rarity is ready for the finale, SS interrupts to reveal Twilight wearing said final dress and it's approved as well. While SS takes orders for the finale dress, Rarity discusses the aftermath with her friends. SS finishes with 100 orders ready to go, much to Rarity's dismay.
Worse still, SS remarks on how poor the name Rarity gave the finale dress but things should've been discussed before now. Regardless, Rarity takes up on the mammoth task, even so without her friends' help and with a song. As the song progresses, Rarity finds herself not having as much fun until sunlight hits the gems she's stashed nearby and she gets an idea. Her song stops and despite the large amount of orders still to be filled, Rarity wants to see her customer's reaction to the slight changes to the dress. The customer does not approve of the changes and Rarity remakes the dresses that weren't identical to the others.
Rarity resumes her song and when she's done, she's made 200 identical dresses but isn't entirely thrilled about it. Not even the new Cosmare magazine cheers her up and the passing hour has allowed 100 more orders to come in. Rarity has gotten everything she's wanted but is still miserable and stands up against SS' additional planning as it's Rarity's boutique. As a bonus,Rarity decides to open a going-out-of-business sale that others rush in to take in.
Ponies browsing love the dresses they see and are itching to try them on. This is much more of what Rarity had been dreaming about and sings a reprise of her song. When it finishes, Rarity announces that not only is the boutique not closing but the dresses are still on sale. Finally, SS apologizes for her wrong-doing and is willing to leave for a new job but Rarity offers her the job at this boutique while she herself resides in Ponyville. SS agrees to Rarity's terms and rules before the duo mention to another customer that there's no more princess dresses and have a good laugh.