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Episode 117 The Cutie Re-Mark (Part 2) Aired:
November 28 2015
Spike and Twilight remain surrounded and accused of working for Queen Chrysalis but Spike manages to convince Pinkie Pie that he's a dragon. However, since it's not enough, Zecora arrives to prove once and for all. The goop she applies reveals that indeed they're to be trusted and suggests they learn what's going on in a safe location. Along the way, Twilight explains what she knows but still has many questions about it. They arrive at the hidden camp where Rainbow Dash and Rarity race to warn of the changlings' attack on Ponyville. 
However, once Applejack appears and changes into Queen Chrysalis, RD and Rarity reveal themselves as changlings too. Despite Queen Chrysalis' proposal, the others refuse and Zecora tells Twilight to stop Starlight Glimmer while she and her army fend of Chrysalis. With that, Twilight and Spike head off, leaving the battle to begin in the new future. Using the scroll, Twilight manages to escape back to Cloudsdale and start her battle with SG.
Try as she might, Twilight cannot land any blows and both become tired out. Rainbow Dash and the bullies decided to watch, finding the brawl much more exciting than the race. However, SG sends Twilight back into the future where it's now nighttime, leaving the duo puzzled. Regardless, they don't have time to sit and think about it as Timberwolves appear and Twilight races to escape. She and Spike find themselves at Celestia and Luna's castle but it's vastly different.

They find Rarity but she doesn't socialize with dragons and is busy re-decorating. Twilight tries to tell her about what she has to do but a familiar voice overhears and is intrigued to find out more. It's Nightmare Moon and her new guards insist Twilight and Spike answer or be sent to the dungeon. Spike tries to say Celestia has such a power but NM only laughs as Celestia has been imprisoned in the moon for years and still wants to know about the magic of time travel.
With no other choice, Twilight agrees and NM is confident she can handle Timberwolves and ensures Twilight to help by holding Spike captive. With the wolves beaten, Twilight explains about it but isn't willing to let Nightmare Moon remove the Elements of Harmony from existance and escapes with Spike before NM can land an attack. Back in Cloudsdale, Twilight finally lands a solid hit on SG, trapping her in the same prison but SG is quick to free herself and once again distrupt time and put Twilight in another new future where Tirek rules.
Twilight gets out but is put right back into another future thanks to SG where the Flim Flam Brothers are in control. Twilght returns, realizing that their battle could go on forever but that's fine with SG and she's not willing to believe Twilight's story about what her magic is doing. As the time machine opens, Twilight takes SG with her and Spike to show her what damage is being done. They're taken to a desolate land where a dust storm of sorts is raging.
SG still doesn't understand nor does she believe Twilight so she takes Twilight and Spike to her home from after her defeat. We see a filly SG and her friend Sunburst the day he got his cutie mark while she was left alone without one. She never got another friend thereafter and takes Twilight and Spike back to Cloudsdale before proceeding to slowly tear the scroll and prevent Twilight from rewriting the spell ever again. Just when the scroll looks to be finished, Twilight gains the upper hand.
SG just needs to make sure her friendships don't end the same way her first one did. SG lets go of the scroll and Spike grabs it, allowing the Sonic Rainboom to complete and restore friendships with Twilight and her friends. With that, Spike, SG and Twilight return to the normal present before the scroll restores the map and disappears. The rest of the Mane Six appear having seen the magic show but are not thrilled to see SG back so Twilight explains.
While SG wanders the castle, the group react to the story and Twilight's time travel, having learned how important their friendship really is. They bring SG in and Twilight explains that she'll teach SG what she knows while SG can help make Equestria even better. With that, SG sings a song about what she's been through and how it all turned out. As the song progresses, SG becomes friends with the Mane Six as they join in to sing the song and help her out, even to where SG's reign was first seen. The Mane Six hug SG before they gather for a group shot.