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Episode 93 The Cutie Mark Map (Part 2) Aired:
April 4 2015
We find the town blaring messages reminding the townsfolk of their lack of differences and the Mane Six having to deal with it in a cramped room with literally nothing else but more reminders. They can't stand hearing the message anymore and Rarity is worst of all, unable to deal with actually liking the overall decorations. A cardinal lands on the windowsill but Fluttershy cannot speak bird anymore and gets no results.
Applejack takes a note from Rainbow Dash to knock down the door and not only fails at that but fails to make a proper reference to anything. Twilight is the only one still seemingly able to cope with things and is already questioning what she's learned here even though she studied less than she probably should've.

After hours go by, Twilight finally has a literal way out. All they need to do is wait until Starlight Glimmer and others feel the six of them have been converted over. Applejack doesn't think they'll be believed so easily and so quickly but Fluttershy is a candidate already as she's been making compliments from the get-go. Fluttershy eventually agrees and has to find a way to get their Cutie Marks back.

The messages stop and the door opens as Starlight Glimmer greets them in hopes they've converted over. However, the Mane Six lash out and get nothing but a return to their cramped room in response while Fluttershy ends up joining. To confirm that Fluttershy isn't lying, SG asks who it was that relayed the info to her about the Cutie Marks. Fluttershy becomes extremely hesitant to admit anything but Party Favor admits to the crime.
As a result, he joins the others in the room and regrets it. Twilight suggests they all stay positive and perhaps Party Favor will spread word the next time around but that's if they aren't converted first. Fluttershy is granted permission to stay with SG while her cottage is built. That night, Fluttershy sneaks out through the chimney and now has the task of getting the Cutie Marks back from the Cutie Mark Vault, which is much for her to handle.
She starts her journey on the roof and overhears that the Mane Six Cutie Marks are in SG's house. She wants to keep the marks close until things settle down. However, a mishap causes her to trip on a bucket of water and reveal that her equals sign cutie mark is fake and her real cutie mark is still there. The next morning, SG is having higher hopes that the rest of the Mane Six have converted but no dice.

However, Fluttershy offers to lock them in and Party Favor is let out, apologizing for everything.  Furthermore, Twilight admits to joining if her happiness will remain without her Cutie Mark. After assuring that things will be fine, Fluttershy reveals the truth about SG's Cutie Mark and the crowd slowly begins questioning her methods. All the true power came from her magic not the wooden staff from the desert.
The crowd rebels and SG bolts into her house, leaving the crowd to go get their Cutie Marks.
However, just as Rainbow Dash is about to head to the vault, she learns where her's and the others' are. Inside the cave, Double Diamond shatters the glass imprisoning their Cutie Marks and allows their personalities and original colors to be restored. SG watches, then takes the Mane Six's Cutie Marks further down but the Mane Six and several others are hot on her trail after one pony gets the door down.

However, once they go down there, the Cutie Marks are gone and Party Favor constructs binoculars with balloons and spots her but they have to hurry. They make their way through but SG isn't giving up and tries to throw them off the trail. Sugar Belle makes a snow pie and throws it at SG, smashing the cart SG was pulling and nearly losing the Cutie Marks but SG gets then back and resumes before taking out the bridge ahead of the group.
However, Party Favor once again helps out and the group make it across. Double Diamond finds his old skis and with the help of his friend, they finally subdue SG and free the Mane Six's Cutie Marks. SG isn't subdued for long and lashes out but Twilight shields everyone and explains what else she's learned. SG isn't buying it as she gave them a friendship they never had, even though she never gave them a chance.

Unable to counter their argument, SG disappears and they hope she'll come to her senses in time. Twilight has taught Party Favor and all the others that they've had it in front of them all along, friendship. The group head back to the village to meet for the first time but their Cutie Marks are telling Twilight that they've completed their task but Pinkie Pie doesn't want it to end just yet and they decide to stay just a little bit longer.