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Ask Sessions (Page 1)

Name(s) Title Card Description
Sweet Aroma Pudgyville's bottom-heavy perfume seller answered some questions.
Eduardo The present mayor of Pudgyville had his share of questions to answer.
Floaty Spin Pudgyville's watery fatty had some questions to answer, includng with some mature artwork replies.
Clopperazzi Ponyville's expert photographer took questions.
Double Stuffed She took a break from her usual double meals to answer questions.
Gloria Stella's rich cousin Gloria had her own questions to answer.
Mocha Cream Pudgyville's avid lover of cake and 2nd fattest pony answered some questions, including some with mature artwork replies.
Bob Jasmine's admirer took some questions.
Truffle Delight The girliest boy Pudgyville has ever had took questions, including one with a mature artwork reply.
Cutecano Ponyville's volcanologist had a question to answer.
Galapeño This spicy pony had a few questions given to her but be warned that all her replies have mature artwork.
Tidal Shores Ponyville's watery rival to Smokey Flame had a question given to her.
Bonnie Pudgyville's first ever chef received a hoofful of questions.
Marie Find out what questions Pudgyville's music teacher and student at Ms. Sheila's school got asked.
Galactica A pony that loves astronomy took questions next. Question #6 has some mature artwork for her answer.
Love Kiss Ponyville's dating expert got her share of questions. Question #3 has mature artwork with her reply.
Sarah A look at the questions Pudgyville's avid helper received.
Ms. Sheila Pudgyville's very own school teacher took questions. Be warned that reply #3 has some mature artwork.
The Calorie Stealers One of Pudgyville's notorious trios got some questions, some the weren't too pleased about.
Jasmine Find out what questions Jasmine gets asked from her fans!