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 Gloria's Ask Session

Q5: BellyLover13: Hi. What's your deal with money? It's like if you got fat, your sister would take it, right?

A5: One, I don't have a sister. Two, even if I did, they wouldn't get a dime from me.
Q4: RainbowTheKirby28: What are you going to do when you inevitably run out of money?

A4: I'm too rich to let that happen.
Q3: Hotmail12345678: Hello. Why do you care about money?

A3: Seriously? Money buys me anything I want. Plus, having lots of it gives me bragging rights. I can hire others to protect anything I want.
Q2: Funnytime77: Would you be fat like the other chubby ponies?

A2: Eww, gross! Stella told me about THOSE ponies and removal costs money.
Q1: Sonnitude: Have you ever thought of donating to a charity?

A1: I don't have time to visit things like "charities". If they want money, they'll have to get it themselves.