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Ask Sessions (Page 2)

Name(s) Title Card Description
Petunia Tulip Ponyville's avid fan of giant flowers had some questions to answer.
Beauty Belle Next in line for questions was Pudgyville's self-centered perfectionist.
Monteray Jack Cheesy Squeezy's brother had some questions brought to him.
Glamour Giggle Pudgyville's traveler and avid fan of the high life took a break for questions, including 2 mature artwork replies.
Pie Fly & Cute Flute This pair of competitive ponies couldn't even decide which of them should take the questions so they both did.
Magic Cookie Pudgyville's stubborn believer had questions to answer.
Computie Pie Pudgyville's technology tinker and inventor had some questions to answer, including 1 mature artwork reply.
Loop-De-Loop Flip Flop Ponyville's visual and audio speaker took questions next.
Silly Pie Pudgyville's lone alacorn pony took questions.
Snuggle Pie Ponyville's avid fan of stuffed animals and maker of her own took questions.
Valentine Heart Ponyville's Valentine's Day pony had some questions to answer.
Chloe Pudgyville's avid game show fan took questions.
Sherry Pudgyville's very own news reporter answered questions, including 1 mature artwork reply.
Bongo Belle Pudgyville's rowdy fatty took questions.
Potato Party Ponyville's anti-time waster took questions.
Brittany The wordy fatty of Pudgyville took questions.
Captain Obvious Ponyville's most blatantly stated pony got a question.
Grabby Snap Grabby Snap was next in line to take questions but she took more than that.
Chatrina Mocha's fatter sister had her share of questions, including 1 mature artwork reply.
Smokey Flame Ponyville's lone anti-wildlife pony took questions.