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 Truffle Delight's Ask Session

Q6: Funfest11: Maybe we can see you shake your bum?

A6: Maybe.
Q5: Bloatenator: Can you wear an ocean blue diaper on your butt that reads "I ♥ Big Butts" and shake your booty?

A5: It sounds kind of cute but I don't have any diapers.
Q4: Hotmail12345678: You think we can get a peek of your rump?

A4: Oh my! Well here you go. I hope you like it.
Q3: Funfest11: Can I see you fat as a planet?

A3: I can't. My parents think my weight is unhealthy as it is.
Q2: BellyLover13: What's your biggest weight ever?

A2: My weight right now IS my biggest weight.
Q1: Skunkdude13: Hey Truffle, can I have a kiss?

A1: You sure can. I'm just going to need some help from you getting me up to give it to you.