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 Galactica's Ask Session

Q6: Bloatenator: Can you show me your butt?

A6: None
Q5: Tetrisman64: If you were the size of a planet, could we live on the surface of your huge butt?

A5: I don't think so. I can't see myself having anything that would allow life to thrive.
Q4: Nightly: Do you perchance want to become a Final Fantasy hero? If so, what weapon and clothing would you wear and what would your abilities be?

A4: No idea what this "Final Fantasy" game is.
Q3: Lightcast: Do you wish you were as big as the moon?

A3: Why would I want that? I'd look like a blimp!
Q2: Rogtom: You look like Princess Luna. Are you related to her?

A2: You'd have to introduce me to her as I don't know her.
Q1: Doitaloveragain: What's the best flavor of pringles?

A1: Garlic!