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 Mocha Cream's Ask Session

Q11: Hotmail12345678: What's your favorite clothes that you often wear?

A11: Even Truffle agrees this is his favorite.
Q10: HollyBolly: What's your fave snack?

A10: Cake of course!
Q9: Hotmail12345678: Can you wear the tightest thing that will show more of your belly and rump-a-donk?

A9: There's no tighter or sexier outfit than this.
Q8: Sonnitude: Do you like playing with balloons?

A8: Yes I do.....when they do not float away.
Q7: Funfest11: Can we get a nude booty shot?

A7: I hope this is okay. It's hard to get this much beauty into view without any obstruction.
Q6: Wackotime: Can I jiggle your tummy?

A6: I'm ready when you are.
Q5: Hotmail12345678: Has the nurse made you and your bf a doll yet like Bob?

A5: I didn't know there was a nurse in town, let alone one that makes dolls.
Q4: Funfest11: It's almost Halloween. Can you wear your costume for us?

A4: This is my blueberry costume. I know it's not super fancy but I'm like a blueberry as I'm plump too.
Q3: BellyLover13: What do you wear the most that you like?

A3: I love all my clothes but my red outfit is my favorite and Truffle seems to agree.
Q2: Sonnitude: Have you considered gaining more weight?

A2: My belly is already inches from the ground when I'm upright so I have not wanted to gain more.
Q1: Tetrisman: Are you ticklish?

A1: I am VERY ticklish so you'd better be ready in case I topple over on top of you accidentally